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October 25th, 2008

Finally, I've compiled a good enough list to start with. It's almost entirely anime and video games, but I may look into movies to make a "DVD and Blu-Ray" section later. I was going to reuse my list from last year, but I already got most of last year's list, and bought most of the rest of it over the course of this year. My family is so generous! There are plenty of great new items coming out, though, and many others that are already out that I either can't find or am too lazy to look for. I also tried to pick a variety of less expensive items, like re-released games and older anime titles. This is what makes a Christmas wish list in my mind. No "preferred" items this time, either... that's just tacky.

And because there was some confusion about this last year... this list is for the use of my family in getting gifts for the annual gift exchange, not for general Internet friend use. Because most of what I want is anime and video games, and I have a tendency to buy things I want (because, you know, I want them), people found it difficult to find presents that I'd like, but not quite enough to buy them myself. So began the process of listing a large number of things with the promise that I wouldn't buy any of them before Christmas. This way, it's still a surprise what I get, because I know I'll only get part of the list, and someone usually manages to surprise me with a skillfully chosen non-list item anyway. It also helps the family coordinate to make sure that there are no duplicate gifts. While I won't turn down any gifts that online friends might choose to get me, be warned that it will likely be a duplicate (due to my family buying from the same list and most of you not having enough contact with them to know what they're getting me) and that you will deliver with your gift a horrible crushing sense of guilt because I didn't get you anything, and I probably won't enjoy it very much. I only make this post public because I rarely make any non-public posts, and because it seems silly to make a family-only group just for the purpose of posting one wish list a year. So feel free to comment if you're so inclined... it might help those who use the list make their decisions.

And I've already got Mom and Curt's presents chosen... the rest of the family is tough to shop for because they don't publish lists and I don't talk to them enough to know what they want but don't have or plan to get. There's still almost two months, though.

These are a few of my future favorite things.Collapse )


But Ratchet can THROW his wrench!

Today's Manga: Borders was having a buy 2, get 1 free sale on almost everything in the store, which was good timing, because I found plenty. Skip Beat 15, Hunter x Hunter 23, Air Gear 10, Claymore 13, Fushigi Yuugi: Genbu Kaiden 7, Ouran High School Host Club 11, Parasyte 5, Sugar Princess 2, Fairy Cube 3, High School Debut 6, Black Cat 17, D. Gray-Man 11, S.A 7, Gin Tama 9, Love*Com 9, Hell Girl 4, Prince of Tennis 28, and the first books of Papillon (what can I say? I like Miwa Ueda), Captive Hearts (I seem to recall enjoying the preview), Kurogane Communication, and the first five books of Venus Versus Virus, now that Borders FINALLY had a copy of the first one.

At Best Buy, I bought Family Guy volume 6 (looks like their answer to the Blue Harvest issue was simply not to include it in the set... guess I need to consider getting that too... Christmas list!) and Bioshock for the PS3. Unfortunately, it's one of those games that has to be installed and takes up over 5000 MB. But I can play it without my 360. I'm not doing that well so far, but I'm surviving.

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