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October 19th, 2008

Discovering how rumors can be helpful

I didn't do much today, naturally. Resting up for the trip takes priority, and I had to phone in the repair request to Microsoft. It took quite a while to reproduce the hardware failure, but it happened eventually. I'll ship it out when I get back, hopefully on Saturday. I packed my stuff for the trip (including the Harry Potter CDs this time, although I'll be leaving those in the car, naturally), charged my rechargeable devices, and got La Tale loaded onto my laptop, just in case I get the chance to play during the trip and maybe get my pet egg to hatch before it expires. I played some today, but didn't really accomplish much - the high point was finding a pair of FRP gloves with Wind Resistance+2, which might make it worth trading in my Plastic Hat with Wind Resistance+1 for an FRP hat without enchantments. I traded in my wind elemental dagger for the next level up... but some of my enchantments will probably carry me until I can afford to buy equipment at shops that enchant their goods. My skirt and blouse combined give me Strength+5... hard to imagine physical fighting without that. And what kind of Magician would I be without good physical combat skills? Granted, when fighting strong enemies, I only use physical attacks on one at a time... if there are two or more, I lean on my attack magic and combo it until I can get away.

I also played some Final Fantasy Tactics this evening, inspired by the playthrough I'm watching on Youtube. I found at least one sidequest... and another hidden area that doesn't seem to contain anything yet. I overwrote one of my really old endgame files to preserve my progress in case going into the sidequest wasn't the right thing to do, but it's a sidequest. I've never done one before. I'm interested to see more of the game, since the plot never really made much sense to me before. I'd start over and do the whole thing from the start, but that would just take way too long.

I noticed something interesting while finally balancing my checkbook from September. I list a charge at Aver's Pizza, but the bank doesn't. I guess they either never charged me, or they're REALLY behind on their books. Maybe I should dig up the receipt and make sure it was actually charged, or something.

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