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October 17th, 2008

From a Politico.com article:
The McCain campaign weighed in on Wurzelbacher’s behalf, using the opportunity to take digs at two frequent targets.

“It's an outrage that the Obama campaign and the media are attacking Joe the Plumber for asking a legitimate question of a presidential candidate. This is why voters still have so many questions about Barack Obama. Instead of answering tough questions, his campaign attacks average Americans for daring to look at the reality behind his words,["] said Tucker Bounds, spokesman the McCain-Palin campaign.

Uh, they're not, Outof Bounds... they're attacking John McCain's decision to choose this particular guy as his entire platform for the third debate without making sure he was a good example of what he was proposing. You know, like they attack his decision to choose Sarah Palin as his running mate. McCain's the one who put Joe the Plumber in the spotlight. Joe didn't want to be a focal point of the debate. He just asked what was, indeed, a legitimate question of Barack Obama, and got what NOBODY can argue was anything other than a straight answer, the same straight answer Obama's been giving all along: If you make less than $250,000 a year, your taxes don't go up. And he even added, despite the obviousness, that if Joe were to buy a business that makes more than that per year, he would see higher taxes under Obama's plan. HOW IS THAT NOT ANSWERING THE TOUGH QUESTION? HOW IS THAT ATTACKING ANYONE? Here's a clue: The reason voters have questions about Barack Obama is that YOUR CAMPAIGN ASKED THEM. Your campaign exaggerates the facts, just plain makes stuff up, attacks ad hominem at every opportunity, and picks the worst possible people to represent it. The Republicans have done everything in their power to ensure that they don't get a single vote except from people who consider themselves "Christian" but have no idea what the word means. I can only hope that Sarah Palin does something else really stupid before Election Day like saying she's tired of all this God business so they lose those votes too.

Yet more political fun

Today's Bridge: Kelly and I had a couple of killer hands, but then the opponents made a game in the second rubber. We may have had a chance to set them, but I botched the defense. I think we still only get our three tricks, though.

Today's Work: We finally got our orders and finalized our build. I've got my travel papers and my supplies from work. Next week... yet another trip!

And for those who want to get to the real root of the "Joe the Plumber" thing... watch the actual video of Joe asking Obama about the tax rate and Obama answering. Yes, Obama talked about "spreading the wealth" in the terms we've heard before... that people with more money to spend are likely to spend it on small businesses, helping them grow with capital gains that won't be taxed. The McCain campaign seems to be calling that an attack. Or something like that... I don't know what they're talking about anymore. Heck, Barack even told Joe that even if he doesn't get Joe's vote, he's going to continue fighting for people like him while in office. Sure, it's exactly the sort of diplomacy one would expect from any politician... but it's diplomacy. He makes people feel good about him even if they don't agree with his policies. Watch that video and tell me it's good material to use in smear campaigns. I dare you.

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