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October 15th, 2008

Important lessons from today

Today's Bridge: Still pretty bad... the opponents got into a 5C contract off three vulnerable that Dan didn't double, and I was way too weak to say anything, especially given his practice of overbidding nearly every hand he had today. I got stuck in a 3NT contract that just faced really unfortunate distribution (off one) and one that made 6 thanks to some finesses working in my favor, but was good for 4 no matter what. And the opponents got two easy game contracts.

Today's Work: A hilarious problem... we've faced this one for a while, but it was only today when we discovered the actual cause. The idea is that we're trying to put text strings into a text field, but the strings are too long to fit on one row. So we find a convenient space to break the line and send it as two rows - using two calls to a function that updates a single row of text. Fair enough, right? Well, sometimes, the lines would look like this:

This is a long string of text I want you to
see. is a long string of text I want you to

We thought it was because the first row was as long as it could possibly be, and maybe a null terminator was lost. However, today, we learned that it was the length of the SECOND row that mattered. If it was a multiple of four, we'd see the problem. If it wasn't, we wouldn't. I think I know what might cause such a problem - but it's a low-level implementation detail that's in a library we don't have source for. I just think it's funny.

Today's Turkey: I've been saying it for years, but I have real evidence now that it's true. The turkey ran in front of my car while I was driving at highway speed, leaving me to slam on my brakes to avoid it and nearly get rearended. Turkeys are suicidal. It is their life's goal to be killed and eaten.

What I learned during today's debate: I'm going to need a LOT more practice to get through the impossible corridor of death. But the big mace guys at the beginning can be blocked. This is useful information.

What I learned FROM today's debate: John McCain IS the American Dream. This is the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression.

McCain: I don't have a prepared answer to that question, so I'll remind you that Barack Obama is a bad, bad man. And he's raising taxes in a moment of economic crisis.

Obama: Let me just point out your lies and describe my economic plan.

McCain: Sarah Palin has decreased the size of the government.

Me: Yeah... by making Alaska its own country instead of part of a bigger country with two sets of laws to consider.

McCain: I won't use the word "maverick" in this debate... but I am one.

Obama: John McCain is an accomplished liar, but I don't need to say anything negative about him to point that out.

McCain: Barack Obama is a very bad man.

I also realized something rather amazing... the abortion debate has the same connotation as the homosexual marriage debate. Intelligent people believe in the freedom of choice, and the idiots like John McCain and Sarah Palin believe in the freedom of choice, as long as people choose what they want. Remember that essay about the Day of Truth movement and how loaded their so-called message was? "You can choose to be straight." Well, you can choose not to have an abortion. However, we're not going to give you another option. You get to choose, but there's only one choice. You have to choose the one option we give you. However, it's still your choice. That's important to remember. We give you the resources that tell you why the only choice is the right choice, and then you make the right choice. No, there is no other choice. But you can make any choice you want, as long as it's this one.

Am I the only one who gets that sense?


An interesting point I forgot to mention:

McCain: We need to remove unqualified teachers from our schools. I also support programs that will put American war veterans into teaching positions without any of those stupid, meaningless certifications or examinations, because fighting for America makes you instantly qualified to do absolutely anything.

Does he even listen to what he's saying? Does he read his own policies? Does he THINK?

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