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October 13th, 2008

Doesn't feel much like a day off

Curt wanted to go to Greenwood today, and I feel like I ruined the entire day by demurring. His suggestion was mainly on my behalf, hoping to find some of the manga that the local Borders has categorically decided not to carry, but last time we went, neither bookstore had much that I didn't already have. Not really worth the 45 minutes each way, in my opinion. I also had a list of things I wanted to get done today, most of which I didn't do because I lost track of time while playing La Tale. Well, not so much lost track as wasn't quite able to keep track with relation to the way time was supposed to work on a Monday. By the time I realized what was going on, it was almost 8. Fortunately, Fox chose baseball over programming, so I didn't have anything to watch until 9, giving me time to make dinner and watch the rest of Everybody Hates Chris season 3. Somewhere in there, I also bit the bullet and used a few hints to finish Myst 4, while I had the computer running. While Heroes did its thing, I continued my run-through of God of War... I thought God of War 2 was in there and didn't feel like switching discs once I saw it wasn't.

Because I felt badly about the Greenwood trip, I took Curt to Burger King for lunch, and we had the Mushroom Swiss Steakhouse burger. Talking it over with Curt, I still can't decide whether the reason I can eat the Angus burgers and have never liked any other hamburger is because of the quality of the beef, or because the Angus burgers I've ordered have been topped with good stuff like fried onions, barbecue sauce, and mashed potatoes. I'll have to try a mushroom swiss burger from somewhere else for a comparison. Further, I recommend ordering the BK mushroom swiss without barbecue sauce... it was an interesting flavor, but a bit too sweet, I think.

It's probably best that I don't place my online anime and manga order until I get back from Virginia... just in case something's wrong with the order, which has happened in the past, so I can deal with it as soon as it arrives instead of it waiting a week until I get back. It might arrive before I leave if it ships tomorrow, but there's no rush. There are a few books I've been looking forward to for a long time, but they'll be just as good in two weeks.

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