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October 9th, 2008

The awesomeness remains exactly the same

Happy birthday to namflow and supergolden. I still remember you guys.

Today's Bridge: We had one hand good enough that the opponents didn't insist on overbidding us, and it was good for 3D exactly. Wasn't particularly hard to make, either, although the bidding and lead helped. (Yes, the opponents even bid in THAT hand.) They got set three tricks twice, but we didn't double either... I probably should have doubled their 4S, but I didn't. They would have won anyway... needing a slam on the last hand, they probably would have bid it, and it made.

Today's Work: A few steps forward, but many steps back, as we're still sort of having problems with one of the processes. Things have improved quite a bit, but they're still not perfect, and we're working on the details little by little. Mainly, trying to figure out why a system call to pgrep is returning -1. And I'm officially NOT going anywhere next week. The software group's collective hearts are in the right place, but they got there way too late. Perhaps next time.

Today's Gaming: Well, I said I wouldn't, but I played some God of War 2. Things weren't looking good for a while, but I persevered, and I finally saved the damn translator. Thank you, A.T. Tappman, Chaplain. I proceeded to the round room (the infamous fight against a series of at least four Cerberus, plus any that spawn during the battle, and two Golems) and had to beat that twice, due to the infamous glitch that sometimes causes the room to remain sealed even after all of the enemies are dead. THAT raised my frustration level like you wouldn't believe. However, I got through that too, and got up to the spike room (where skeletons attack while you try to keep the floor moving to avoid the spiked ceiling), but without full health, magic, or Rage, so I didn't save there. Good thing, too, because I just learned that there actually are fourth upgrades for health and magic, and I'm well past the health upgrade. My save, however, is right before it. I always wondered about that spot... now I know its purpose. Hey... having made it this far, I DESERVE that upgrade, even if I didn't find it myself... technically speaking.

My hands and arms are very tired, though, so I'm going to call it quits and get to bed. It's getting hot again, but it seems wasteful to turn on the A/C, so it's windows and shorts until the heat wave breaks. Summer will be over soon.

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