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October 8th, 2008

Today's Bridge: Very little to work with, including a hand where Dan and Keith bid themselves up to 6C and faced a wretched club split, where I had the singleton 4 and Kelly had K-Q-9-2... but I think it was makeable. The only hand where my side had ANY power was a 2NT that I didn't think stood much of a chance, as I had S A-9-x H K-x D J-9-x-x C A-J-x-x and Kelly had S Q-J-x-x-x H A-Q-x-x D Q-x C x-x, which doesn't look too bad, but Keith had overcalled me in spades, indicating a 5-0 split in my runnable suit. Keith started with a low diamond, and it was my 9 that took the trick, putting me on solid footing. I led my lowest spade, drawing Keith's king immediately, and he cashed the A-K of diamonds (I sluffed a heart) and switched to a club to Dan's queen. I decided, counting my winners, to cover that (no sense risking Keith getting back in the lead) and run the A-9 of spades. Keith obliged by covering with the ten, so I covered that, cashed the remaining spades, the three high hearts, and the jack of diamonds to make 4.

Today's Work: I didn't get much done... I think the lab crew were working with the systems, so I didn't go over there to test anything. I spent the day working on some stuff that works already, but could use some improvement. There are other changes I could potentially make, but I don't think it's a good idea to start anything major this close to the deadline. I'll see what I can be confident in.

Today's Gaming: I felt like actively playing something and had a bit of time to kill, so I loaded up God of War and decided to give the final boss another try, with a new strategy or two in mind for the impossible part. Amazingly, I completed that in a few tries, then took a while to beat the last part, and within about 45 minutes, I'd finished the game on God difficulty. I let my victory there go to my head and figured that even with the limited time remaining, I'd try the Challenge of the Gods again. I beat that too, getting through several of the challenges, including the last three, in only one try. And I really screwed up that last challenge... I spent the last seconds praying (well, it IS a game about gods) that the enemies wouldn't hit me as I went for the final jump, because I was that low on health. So now I can use alternate costumes for new games. That's pretty cool. It could mean that I'm finally ready to face God of War 2 again... but not any time soon. That's a completely different animal. I'd probably rather try the Hades Paradox Cup again than that.

I also watched the Galaxy Angel lectures from Galaxy Angel Z DVD 2 this evening... some of the answers really cracked me up, particularly the one about how NORMAD gets repaired after Forte shoots his body full of holes. The question wondered whether someone sewed him up, or he had a supply of spare bodies to swap into, or maybe Vanilla H healed him with her nanomachines... the answer given was "We wouldn't get that catharsis if the holes were still there the next time he got shot." Incidentally, the "Revolving Sushi" episode may actually supplant the episodes with the flooded planet and Cockadoodledoowopdoo as my favorite, simply by virtue of getting to hear each voice actor portray all the other characters as they swap bodies. Vanilla H as Milfeuille was a classic.

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