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October 4th, 2008

Yes, I finally watched it. Thank you, Jeopardy.

Today's Manga: A surprising haul, given last week, and yet, only about half of the titles scheduled for release this month. Hoshin Engi 9, Tokyo Pet Shop of Horrors 3, Steel Fist Riku 2, Inu-Yasha 35, Beauty Pop 9, Red River 23, Elemental Gelade 9, Dragon Drive 10, Yumekui Kenbun Nightmare Inspector 4, Bogle 2, and the first books of three new series: NORA and Phoenix Wright, obviously, as well as an intriguing one called The Girl Who Runs Through Time. The premise reminds me a little bit of Land of the Blindfolded, but with actual time travel rather than just visions. Should be cool, when I finally get around to reading it... it's book 19 of 20 in my current queue.

I also bought My Name is Earl season 3 and a card game called Quiddler. I expect the solitaire version to encompass most of my use of it, but I'll bring it to work for Bridge off-days and see how it goes.

Today's Gaming: I finished God of War on Medium difficulty again, then turned my attentions to La Tale with an Everybody Hates Chris chaser. I barely reached level 22, but spent a good amount of time in the Behemoth Stomach, discovered that the Super Germs and their ilk don't do enough damage to knock me around, and finished some of the quests in there. For some reason, it kept spitting me up in the fields east of Yong Gyoung, which was a pain, but I dodged the monsters and hiked back. I got some new equipment, most of which has Strength+ effects, so I do almost as much damage as a low-level Warrior now. But the Plastic Boots I bought only have Luck +3, while the Brass Boots I've been wearing had Physical Evade +1% and Strength +2... tough call whether the extra defense is worth it. I may just sell them back, or keep them, and wait until I find something better. Maybe get an enchanted Water Bronze Piece or something. I also put a bit more time into Kingdom Hearts 2 on Hard Mode, finally leveling up my Drive forms a bit more. A few more runs around the area I'm in, and I'll have all the abilities I need to assemble the ultimate set of Drive abilities, and perhaps even take on Sephiroth, although I expect I'll need to level up a considerable amount for that. I may be level 60 by now, which should be enough, but like God of War, at that level, it requires as much luck as skill, and more of each than the other.

I've got time for something else before bed, but whether it'll be more games or some Galaxy Angel Z remains to be seen.

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