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September 30th, 2008

Today's Bridge: The other side made plenty of mistakes, but in the end, they got a game and we didn't. We tried to catch up and fell short.

Today's Work: Yet more of the same, although now I'm working on a problem that isn't in my part of the project... insofar as I can be said to have part of the project. I worked mainly on the new functionality for our server, while the other programmer on our team did the client work, and other programmers were brought in to do various peripheral devices. What I'm looking at appears to have been a longstanding problem in the client code that was carried over when we converted it, although I'd have to look at an old version of the client to determine that. However, I have a fix that I've tested, and the only problem is that it needs to be implemented separately for each button that's broken... and there are lots of buttons. The good news is that it's a problem we agreed to fix if we could replicate it, and we have. Bonus.

Today's Gaming: More La Tale, naturally. I completed more quests, most of which have restarted, and got myself up to level 20 with a concerted effort after I'd planned to stop. I've got a new hat and gloves with better defense, and new boots with better abilities than what I had before, but more importantly, a new weapon that I bought and a new elemental stone that I found, which required me to spend two more Skill Points to learn an Earth spell (good old Earth Dragon, how I missed you), but not only gives me very strong Earth magic, but also increases my Water attack. My new weapon has the Wind attribute... less so than the Fire attribute of the old weapon, but it's stronger. I might be able to fight bats soon, without having to resort to finding the sweet spots where they can't attack me. I still need to figure out how to learn combination skills... maybe there are some available in the skill window now.

House and Fringe were on tonight.

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