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September 25th, 2008

Polyticks is srs bizness

For reals, yo.

Yesterday, when I went down for Bridge and hot dogs, the TV was showing a speech by Joe Biden. Remember him? I didn't think so. It made me realize that the Democrats have yet another advantage in this election. The media coverage has become a giant three-way among the four people most crucial to the election process. Everyone's making fun of Sarah Palin for being a nobody, a religious nutcase, a hypocrite, and a woman of excessive white privilege. They're talking about John McCain being out of touch with the average American, being a government yes-man and not even knowing things like how many houses he owns or when the businesses that sustain most of the economy need to be bailed out. He's the one who stands firmly against every decision the government makes until the government makes it, at which point, he supports it wholeheartedly and always did. They're talking about Barack Obama... being Barack Obama. When almost every bad thing you can say about a guy is easily disproven, and most of them have to do with his name, that's pathetic. That's politics. But as for Joe Biden... aside from his having been chosen as the VP candidate, I haven't heard a word about him. Could this mean that nobody has anything bad to say? Is the guy a complete non-entity? Thoroughly uninteresting? Maybe even... unarguably the right man for the job?

I don't know how to tell a joke with Joe Biden as the punchline because everyone's been too busy talking smack about the other three. Someone make fun of Biden so our political humor can be complete!


Today's Bridge: Take a guess.

Today's Work: "Okay, remember that thing we said you should do yesterday? Well, we want you to do something else instead. It's similar, but a bit more complicated, and only sort of makes sense. If you have any better ideas, let us know... we won't get back to you."

Today's Gaming: With Terminator to catch up on and the season premiere of Earl, I decided to play a bit of La Tale. I completed a few quests and got myself up to level 15, allowing me to (FINALLY!) learn the mid-level healing spell. That really helped me complete more quests (not to mention unlocking a few more) and get to level 16, which is enough to wear the Brass Skirt I picked up last time I played. I've also got some Brass Shoes that I can wear at level 17, which won't take long to reach. I'm also still wearing the Leather Bracelets with the awesome abilities, but if I ever get Brass Gloves, I'll probably start wearing those whether they're enchanted or not. I've got several quests in the well now, so that's where I'm headed. I even helped someone fight off some Poison Beetle Gs when they were really low on health. They thanked me. I'm really close to mastering the Magic Increase skill, which will let me get the skills to evade physical and magical attacks... which are unbelievably awesome.

Maybe God of War for a bit, just to see if I can reach a save point this time. Maybe. I'm watching Sean Fausz's epic fail videos. They're familiar clips, but the presentation is interesting.

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