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September 22nd, 2008

Controversial questions

Taken from miintikwa, these are the questions nobody ever asks me because they know they'll hate the answers.

You won't like me when I'm answering.Collapse )
Happy birthday to stripedsocks and gamesgamesgames... you two will just have to learn to share.

Today's Bridge: Keith and I partnered against Kelly and Dan. I think we had the decisive advantage in terms of cards, but we didn't have the bidding collaboration that we needed. I think we had three 4H hands in a row, and bid 4H, 2NT, and 2H. Sad. Fortunately, the opponents bid a 4S, making two, when Dan opened 2S and Kelly wouldn't let him have it at any cost. I think they had a lock on 3NT. Then Kelly bid 3C over Dan's 2D and he left it there. We set them three in that one, and would have done more if Keith had led the jack from his J-10 instead of the ten. He's rusty after having been away for so long. I can't blame him.

Today's Work: The big meeting actually ended on time, surprisingly. We got mostly favorable results, but the people I thought understood the risks involved with the big, big fix blew them off completely when presenting them to the group. I stepped in and fueled the paranoia of our safety person, which led her to ask for another meeting tomorrow to discuss the full implications of the change. That's what I wanted... I wanted a decision based on the full story, not a false claim that we said this would work. I've been saying all along that I doubt it will work, and that if it doesn't, it will fail in a way that makes the system unacceptable. If they want to go ahead with it, which they will, they need to know that doing anything else at all multiplies the risk. Possibly more like an exponential increase. The problems will be slight, but even a slight error in this particular part of the program would be a showstopper. I liken it to trying to make a brake system for a car when you barely have the time to slap the parts together - before you have time to do your part testing, they're putting it in a car and driving it. Sure, if you know what you're doing as well as I do, there's a good chance of it working just fine. But I'm not going to stand in front of it to mark the spot where it needs to stop. If management says they're willing to be the crash test dummies for my brakes, then sure, I'll make them and hope I don't overlook something like the power steering cable running through the part where I put the pinch point of the brake drum. Okay, so the metaphor starts to fall apart there. I'm writing software that controls weapon systems, not the quintessence of linguistic mastery.

Today's Heroes: I'm pretty sure I know where they're going with the Hiro thing. As for everything else in the show, I'm not sure I know what happened in those two episodes, let alone what they plan to do with it. I spent most of that time trying to beat the final boss in Shadow of the Colossus, failing to make any progress (the one idea I had doesn't seem right), and then turning to Final Fantasy 8, where I'm simultaneously trying to get 100 Curse Spikes (I've found fighting Forbidden more efficient than trying to find Tri-Faces) and as many Phoenix Pinions as I can afford (since I believe the more of them you have, the greater the chance that Phoenix will randomly appear at Game Over time).

I don't know if I'll buy Mega Man 9 or not.

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