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September 17th, 2008

Having work to do is good.

Today's Bridge: We got whomped with real Whomps. The opponents made two straight game contracts, followed by a slam (bid at game only), and then we had a slam (tough to bid, though... I couldn't advertise my club void effectively) where Kelly decided to sluff a winning heart instead of a losing diamond to make only 5. Fortunately, the bid was only 4. We set their final contract... a 2S that Mike had bid over my 1NT opener.

Today's Work: We got a preliminary list of problems to work on for the rest of the week, until the meeting that officially decides what we're going to do. We've finally been tasked to make a rather major change, and thinking about it, I've come up with a way that might work. It'll be a challenge, but I'm going to insist on some simplifications that will be right in line with what everyone's been clamoring for all along. They're going to HATE it... but they can't possibly say they didn't ask for it. We've already got "shove it in their stupid fat faces" as our designated solution for one problem, which is "we've asked for too many things and now we can't use the system because it does too many things." Pretty literally.

I've decided that while the first two canticles of Dante's Divine Comedy were pretty cool, the third one is just awful. The first one described the circles of Hell that everyone but me was already familiar with, and the second one was the levels of the mountain of Purgatory, where the souls of good Christians who indulged in sin are purified. There was a little bit of action, and some excitement here and there, long boring discussions of people who were historical figures in Dante's day, and a companion who actually added something to the story. The third canticle has him rising through the planets of the geocentric solar system model, describing all the physically impossible proofs of God's existence, like the proof that the Moon must be insubstantial (shame we've had people walk on it... that would have been an interesting theory), and if there is some rhyme or reason to where the souls are located, it's probably described, but I keep missing it, and the story itself says that it's irrelevant - their locations are only apparent to Dante. Beatrice is also no Virgil. I don't know what he ever saw in her. Seriously... I hate the way people are always claiming that every two male characters in anime series must be gay lovers, but even I think Dante had more feelings for Virgil than he could possibly have had for Beatrice.

I may actually have time to play a game tonight, but I still need to put my laundry from yesterday away. I also didn't realize that book 8 of Welcome to the NHK was the last one. That came out of nowhere. Tomorrow begins the official release of La Tale... doubt there will be much free time after that.

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