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September 12th, 2008

The real reason Lean is such a sham

There's been a Lean (6S) event going on this week that's asked us to clean up the garbage in our areas and clear everything out of the aisles and the space above our cubes. The sysadmin just moved our printer from the middle of our area over to the far wall. I was delivering a witty line about hoping nobody was waiting on a print job when it hit me - Lean is corporate- and government-sponsored feng shui. They believe they can make their businesses more profitable by rearranging the furniture.

This explains everything, including the silver sugar bowl.


Douglas Adams

I just caught wind of the meme going around, and of course I have to be a part of it. When you see this, quote some Douglas Adams in your LJ, if you can. I haven't got any of the books on me and may or may not correct this when I get home.

I built the Asylum to contain the world that was obviously so insane that they'd need to print directions on a box of toothpicks.Collapse )

He gave us so much.

Complaining fixes everything.

Today's Bridge: I'm pretty sure we came out on top, mainly because Dan bid 4S on the last hand in an effort to make a game and catch up to us, but got set two tricks. I got set one on a 3S due to EVERY suit being split horribly. Mike had all five missing spades and most of the diamonds, while Dan had most of the hearts and clubs. Holding it to off one was a masterstroke of careful play and strategy, believe me. I also had a nerve-wracking 2NT that was actually entirely settable - most of my points were tied up in my A-K-Q-J of clubs, and Paul had four of them as well. Typically, hands in the various ranges for notrump have power well-distributed and long suits that can be set up. Aside from the four-card club run, I had three aces and a bunch of queens and jacks that I couldn't set up. The only other possibility for setting up a long suit was Paul's four hearts to my three, but Mike had five. Fortunately, he led a spade and Dan didn't play high, so I got my jack for the eighth trick.

Today's Work: I finished the course, did a bit of programming, and generally didn't have too bad a time.

Today's Gaming: Just watching YouTube videos... CornshaqGaming has some neat game playthrough videos, and there were some interesting reviews of bad games too, but not really worth linking to right now. The schedule for tomorrow is still up in the air, but after last night's entry, I went back for another try at the minotaur and beat him in a few tries. For some reason, it didn't use most of its most powerful attacks that time. I didn't use any magic or the Rage of the Gods... nothing but the Blades. That's why I love God of War bosses - there's always a pattern to learn, and defeating such huge and powerful bosses with the relatively weak weapons is always cool.

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