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September 9th, 2008

The Fringe is out there

So they wrote a revival season of X-Files, but after the movie flopped, they decided to call it "Fringe" instead. Here's how it goes:

Warning: This show can only be explained with liberal amounts of LOLspeak and sarcasm. You have been the warned.Collapse )

So yeah.

Today's Bridge: Dan (new Dan) finally got a seat, and I thought putting him at a table with Kelly, Ken, and Keith wouldn't be the most instructive experience for him, so Kelly traded seats with me. I hope he learned a lot. I think we all did. I learned that it's possible to make unmakeable contracts through sheer force of luck, Ken learned that when you hold four defensive tricks in a 4H contract, it's a good idea to take them, Keith learned to be more careful to pre-empt at the right level, and Dan picked up a few bidding strategies.

Today's Work: Not as much training as I wanted to get done, but I needed to provide some inputs and look over a list of problems that have come up in testing. Some of them make my sad hurt. As in, it's always sad when reading their lists, but some of the most recent ones make even those seem reasonable. We got written up for changes we were required to make by other groups - this is why people have to communicate, and why even those safety-critical requirements really need to be documented, say, in our REQUIREMENTS DOCUMENT. And I'm pretty sure some of the changes we made were AT THE REQUEST OF THE SAME PEOPLE WHO ARE WRITING US UP FOR THEM. This is beyond pathetic. I need to go watch the Nostalgia Critic's latest video again... the 11 saddest nostalgic moments would be just the thing to cheer me up. That, or more of The Divine Comedy. It's pretty cool, even if it does feature an explanation of what's happening in each Canto before the actual text. I suppose it helps, but I'd like to have tried reading it first without the explanation, just to see what I'd get out of it and to enjoy it the way it was meant to be enjoyed - with the suspense in all the right places and such. Still, audiobooks give me a chance to turn otherwise wasted commuting time toward the pursuit of fine literature. I can't complain.

And that was all of my gaming time. Oops.

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