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September 5th, 2008

My answer to abstinence-only advocates

These are people who claim that abstinence is the only birth control/STD prevention method worth learning about or using. Somehow, they seem to believe that it's impossible for married people to catch diseases from their spouses. The morality or immorality of sex-for-pleasure between married couples is something I'd like to hear them speak about. But for those people, I have this to say:

Leaving your computer off and never using it is 100% effective against computer viruses, Trojan horses, and hardware failure. It is the ONLY 100% effective measure, and therefore, by your own logic, the only measure worth using. So if I catch any of you using a computer, your abstinence-only argument is worthless.

There are, however, some abstinence-only advocates who actually DON'T use computers, particularly since it's a religious movement, and some religions disdain many forms of technology. For their sake, we can construct a similar argument regarding food poisoning. Knowing how to recognize harmful foods and spoiled foods would go against their creed, as the only way to prevent food poisoning is to stop eating. Sure, people need to eat. People also need sex, or some substitute that the abstinence-only people think is immoral. I think that highlights the importance of knowing how it can be done safely, when it needs to be done.
Today's Bridge: We actually had five people... Bruce wanted to sit out, but I reminded him that he had a free ace from yesterday and that he could probably use the practice. Aside from having crap hands, we did okay. Nothing worth noting except that there's another new Dan who's interested in learning. I'm going to need some new names.

Today's Work: More of the same... reacting to E-mails that came my way and wondering why our program crashes in a situation we can't reproduce. It may have been a coincidence.

Last night, I decided to do something particularly unusual - I dug up Shadow of the Colossus and gave it a go. I defeated colossus 8, but didn't have much time to try things out on 9. I've got a few ideas that I plan to try tonight, though. Hence the early entry.

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