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September 3rd, 2008

Today's Bridge: Bruce and I had to have a talk after today's session about point ranges for bidding. Between opening 2C with a 15-point hand (I had 17 myself, and we had a 50/50 shot at 6S that turns out not to make) and passing my 1C opener with 12 points and seven spades to the A-Q-J-10(fortunately, I had A-K-Q-J-10-x of clubs - had the clubs split 5-1 and the spades 4-2 instead of vice versa, it would have made 7), we just didn't do very well in the bidding. When he responded 2S to my 1NT, I suspected he was misbidding again and jumped to 3NT to end the auction... and he wanted to continue! But he asked first and was told not to, which is good. I just made the 3 thanks to Paul playing the king of spades on the first trick, setting up the board's queen. It was very settable, particularly with a club lead knocking out my ace early.

Today's Work: A big meeting about where we go from here, and a list of the problems we need to work on. I spent the day brainstorming about one of the biggies, but haven't found anything obvious yet.

Today's La Tale: I logged in just to get some screenshots of my character before she's deleted, and noticed that I'd never used the Crystal Mine Ticket I got some time ago. This being the last day, I elected to use it. It was a pretty profitable venture, despite my ISP sucking and getting me logged out with 20 minutes to go. I already had three 30-minute tickets and a bunch of equipment, some of which was very useful - a quadruply enchanted Plastic Shield and a Plastic Shield II with three of the same enchantments, plus an enchanted Water Bronze Piece and a pair of Plastic Gloves. Excellent opportunity, if I ever get a ticket in the actual game.

Today's Meme: I'm not supposed to tell you the questions unless you choose to do the meme yourself, in which case you'll get an LJ private message with them. I just list the answers, and I'll handle this one as seriously as I can given the nature of the meme, but you guys know me.

No answers for you! Unless you click here.Collapse )

So there you have it. I'll work on the memorial picture for Nida when I get the chance, but for now, I think it's game time.

Yes, the Bush Administration is butthurt.

I didn't even pay much attention to what this article is about, but you have to read it. Trust me... pay a little attention and you'll get some of the greatest laughs ever. I can't tell whether it's intentional or not... but I sure hope so.

For those who can't access the link due to crazy ad wizardry, the full textCollapse )

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