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August 29th, 2008

I played a bit more of Rival Swords this afternoon, getting away from just about everything I've been playing recently, and didn't watch any DVDs until dinner, when I decided to watch Superhero Movie. To its credit, there was only one fart joke in the entire movie; to its detriment, that joke went on for about ten minutes. I still think their movies are funny, and will continue buying the DVDs. It seems like most of the material from the trailers was from deleted scenes, though.

For lunch, once Curt and I were finally on the same page (about 3:00), we went to the mall to redeem some coupons for free Chick-Fil-A food. It was certainly free. But I don't think we're going to eat there again, and not just because they close on Sundays.

I've read the first books of Bogle and Croquis Pop. Bogle's pretty good, although it reminds me a lot of Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne with male characters added. And the magic removed. Okay, so it's just the element of people requesting that the thief group known as Bogle return things that shouldn't be gone (isn't that Getbackers?), and the main character is cute and loveable. The authors said that the idea began as an all-male group, but I'm glad they changed it - having a girl in the group makes things more interesting, as does her actual backstory. Not that they couldn't have a romantic side with an all-male cast, but that's a very different type of series. As for Croquis Pop, I'm still not sure what's really going on. It says that "croquis" is the art of capturing emotions in an instant of drawing, and the main character has a talent for it, but no actual talent for art. Then he creates dream worlds from the emotions he senses, and a ghost appears to defeat the grudges within. There's a bigger plot going on around that, but it's all shadowy figures and people saying cryptic things like "How are you doing?" right now. Then again, PhD has been making about as much sense recently. It'd be nice if they picked a plot and stuck to it, instead of moving from plot to plot within one giant story that we still don't fully understand. I don't even know how many people the main character is anymore. It's THAT confusing. And every time we get a decent group of characters to connect with, most of them die. The survivors inevitably disappear until a few storylines later, when they show up and promptly die, only to turn out not to be entirely dead, and so on. GTO: Shounan Junai Gumi, on the other hand, is easy enough to follow and hilarious. Even a guy like me who's tired of the endless "guys who really want to get laid but never do" stories can enjoy this one. If only the books weren't so freaking huge, but I guess you can't argue with the price.

And I've finally published the beta version of FCM chapter 3. For those who haven't read A General Time Paradox at all, it starts here, or you can start reading the sidestory context free at the bottom of the page (here), and for those who are up to date (and still remember what's going on after almost four years), the new chapter is here. Any comments will be taken seriously, and I won't be finalizing it any time soon, just in case. I just wanted to get SOMETHING done by the end of the month, and I've had some ideas for the rest of this storyline that I want to get to work on. It's much more compelling than the old ideas, if incredibly disturbing. Which is, of course, what I'm going for.

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