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August 27th, 2008

I threw out my old suitcase (which was falling apart at the seams... the new one wasn't just to protect the laptop) as well as a box of cases from cables and controllers, and a full trash bag of plastic bags and shredded paper. I've still got a few things on my bed that I plan to keep for a while, once I figure out where to put them, and a much smaller pile of stuff on the floor that needs to be shoved out of the way. But there's a lot more space to work with, for the moment. This will not last.

I played a bit of Guitar Hero today, but it was mostly a Freakazoid marathon, followed by a South Park mini-marathon (only six episodes), and then a La Tale marathon. My magician doesn't look nearly as cute in bronze and brass armor as she did in pelt, but she can fight now. I got her a staff that's stronger than the New Hunting Knife she's been relying on so heavily, the Cure Poison spell (although the Poison Beetles don't actually seem to inflict a poison status), and a bunch of new equipment. I should probably head back to the Temple of Pluton for a while, where enemies that I can fight drop items that I can use. And I should sell my stock of useless Lesser Potions and start using the regular ones... I drank a lesser one earlier, and I didn't even see any increase in my SP. I'll need those at some point, because I can't always find a place to rest after spamming my heal spell. And I should probably get the medium heal spell... less time spent casting it means more time fighting back or hiding behind my shield.

I also bit a cannonball today and added the first book of Shounan Junai Gumi to my queue. I figure I should probably have opted for Mamotte Shugogetten if I want really thick books to read, since the second one of that only just came out, but I've finally caught up on Hellsing, and I'm almost caught up on PhD, leaving Peach Girl as the only long-running series in my current queue. I figure I may put Mamotte in there if I find the second one this week and there's nothing for the priority queue (I don't believe there is), and once I catch up on GTO, I can start reading Parasyte, another series with really thick books. I think it's just those and Gunsmith Cats in my collection, but that's enough... I'm through being intimidated by books it will take me days to read. I wouldn't have bought them if I didn't intend to read them, and the time is now.

Speaking of reading, I still haven't revisited FCM chapter 3 just yet. I figured I'd get back to an Excel Saga crossover/fusion I was working on some time ago. I don't like what I've written of it, though. I may have to scrap today's work and start over from scratch. Not a loss, really... it's THAT bad.

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