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August 26th, 2008

Happy birthday, shachihoko. Not that I imagine you're paying attention anymore, but I've been surprised before. Looking at my friends list changes tonight, for example, was quite an experience. So I figured I'd return the favor and start the process of cleaning up. For now, it's just journals that either never friended me back or removed me from their lists, which I don't want to read anymore. No mutual friends yet. That will probably be the next step. Not that I can decrease the size of my "friend of" list any more, but it still cleans things up a bit. And if you WANT to be in the next wave, now's the time. It's official FRIENDS LIST JUBILEE... remove me from your lists, give a reason or don't as you see fit, and I won't ask any questions or mention it to you again. Guaranteed. But hurry... this offer is a limited time special.

So yeah. Happy birthday, shachihoko.

I played some FF8 tonight, mostly just so I could say I'd played something. About 4 hours of La Tale will make any day disappear. And it's not as if any of my fellow party members did any party-like things. We all just went our own ways, and when I've been building up my character to be a supporting party member, this makes it difficult to accomplish much on my own. Still, the magic user has the one thing that gets me through every RPG... the Cure spell. I wasted the skill point on the cure spell for the rest of the party, obviously, but I can supplement my physical attacks with attack spells, which are pretty effective, and I swapped out my knuckle dusters for a hunting knife and shield, which are proving very effective in physical combat. I probably won't be tearing through the enemies in the dungeons any time soon, but I can hold my own in the first few overworld areas. Shame it's all going to be reset in a few weeks, after the days when I have time to play the game, but it's something to do for now.

I never call people unless they've indicated that they want someone to talk to (in general... when it's someone specific, it's never me), so I never call people when I need to talk to someone. I'm used to just getting over it on my own. But this is one of those times when I could use a phone buddy. Does anyone know how one goes about getting a phone buddy? It seems like it must be possible, but I'm as socially connected as the average hedgehog - I can tell that nobody wants to get too close.

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