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August 25th, 2008

Garage man sees Nametags

Well, I set out to waste the entire day, and for the most part, I did. I haven't touched the game consoles yet and don't plan to. I just watched the rest of Monk season 6, ate three meals, and played about two and a half hours of La Tale with Mom. Then I watched all of Nametags and, on Curt's recommendation, Legend of Neil. Both worth watching, although Legend of Neil will make much more sense if you know something about the Legend of Zelda games, particularly the original. Also, mature audiences only. Nametags is gamer humor, but should be accessible to everyone - while a good deal of the humor comes from the music cues, it's still a solid performance, and video game names are dropped like movie stars in Family Guy - it's funny even if you have no idea what they're talking about.

I finally got around to reading the first book of Kasumi today, and it reminds me a lot of what I wanted Heroes to be. It's rather like when the series focused on Claire trying to lead a normal life, except starting with Kasumi discovering her power.

Today's Fortune: "Your dearest wish will come true." I can only hope that it's way, way off base. The only reason I wish for the things I wish for is that I know they can never come true, like finding a girlfriend who really wants me for me, not because three months of saying she loves me will make any other man seem attractive by comparison. That and the other dreams work BECAUSE they're dreams... if they happened in real life, it would be the worst possible thing that could happen. I wouldn't even like most of them, because I know the reality would be different.

Speaking of which, I need to edit the new chapter of Fall of the Crystal Millennium (the General Time Paradox sidestory) tomorrow... if the one remaining fan is interested in prereading, and happens to see this, let me know. I want to make sure it's good enough to be worth the three-year wait. I think the story should proceed smoothly from here, but I'm trying to take it in a very different direction, both from the rest of the story so far and from any other story of its fandom/genre/style. Not just for that reason, but because that's the kind of story I need to tell. Everything will fall apart in the main story unless this sidestory sets it up properly. Not that anyone cares anymore.

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