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August 9th, 2008

"A roll or ball made commonly of pork or veal, and sometimes of beef, minced very small, with salt and spice; sometimes it is stuffed into the guts of fowls, and sometimes only rolled in flower." Thus, "sausage" is, in fact, in Dr. Samuel Johnson's dictionary - however, in the anthology copy I purchased today, "aardvark" was indeed absent. The anthology selected only certain definitions to include, and that may simply not have been among them. And now we all know.

Other purchases today: Much more than expected. On the manga front, there was Law of Ueki 13 (why did it have to end with THAT?), Hayate the Combat Butler 8, Hana Yori Dango 31, Yumekui Kenbun Nightmare Inspector 3, Record of a Fallen Vampire 2, One-Pound Gospel 2, Zatch Bell 20, Tenjou Tenge 17, Kitchen Princess 7, King of Thorn 5, Cherry Juice 4, GTO: Shonan Junai Gumi 8, and Flame of Recca 28. Anime-wise, the second set of Gurren Lagann and the first season of Sasami: Magical Girls Club. I also got the final disc of Avatar (I really should finish watching the series, now that I own it all... I've heard a lot about the ending already), a tennis racket, a travel book of Reader's Digest puzzles, and three $5 used PS2 games. I expect I'll be heading to the local tennis courts tomorrow to play with Curt. Should be good exercise... running after the balls when I hit them all over the city, I mean. I don't expect to spend much time actually on the court.

Today's Gaming: Aside from the usual FF8 session, I wanted to try my three new games. So here they are:

Click here to learn about some surprising games, including one you probably don't know (but are still pretty damn sweet, sweet!)Collapse )

Someone was looking for a ride to the Indy airport at about exactly the same time I'll be going on Monday, so I offered them a ride. Then I realized (Curt pointed out) that there might be an ethics issue if this person has any connection to the Government or a competitor, as this airport trip is TECHNICALLY Government "resources". As an IU grad student, I doubt that's the case, but I've taken pretty much every precaution I can think of, including not accepting any money for the ride. (I KNOW that would be an ethics violation.) I'll try to remember to tell the branch manager when I get back, just to cover every base. And if he says not to do it again, I definitely won't, but having made the offer and the arrangements, I'm not going to back out now. I just watched "Mr. Monk and the Rapper". Besides, this could easily be considered a matter of personal relationship, in which case ethics are much more liberal. After all, aren't we all one great big community on Livejournal?

Figure I may as well go after Odin before bed. It can't possibly take more than 20 minutes, after all.

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