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August 7th, 2008

Getting in early so I can stay late

Happy birthday to pyrefangs, whom I haven't met... yet. But I'm sure that will change soon enough.

Today's Bridge: We bid pretty correctly to get into what I thought were doomed contracts, but I underestimated the power of good distribution. I declared a 3NT with eight and nine card fits in the red suits, and Keith's honors were monstrous - plenty to take the tricks I needed without giving up the lead. Then there was a 3NT with very long, weak diamonds - the split was in our favor, and I even had enough side-suit coverage to lead my last club to the board's A-Q for a pointless finesse - which worked.

Today's Work: Lots of working on problems that nobody told me about until today - like the fact that one of the new functions I added, which is a big part of the testing and the thing EVERYONE wants to use, despite the fact that it's 100% pointless, only worked for one type of device. It turns out that the method I used to implement it was specific to that device type - oops. So I had the option of implementing it for every other device type, switching to a different scheme which was native to TWO device types and implementing THAT for the rest of them, or coming up with something completely different. I chose the second path, and discovered that each device presented its own difficulties. However, I got most of them working in the end, and the last one worked except when it was in a certain state... when applying the action would cause it to fault out. I think I fixed that, but the only device of that type we had died just then, so I can't possibly test it. There are still more things to fix, one of which has me utterly baffled, so I'll be going in tomorrow to fix as much as I can. We have three days next week, but I don't want to bring problems we can fix here out there. There will be enough problems once we get there, many of which we can't do more about than babysit the people who have the power to fix them. I'm still hoping to leave early, but not counting on it.

I've discovered that carefully phrased insults can make some people see reason. Who would have imagined it?

Vista installed an update without my permission, and while the computer still boots (a genuine surprise), Narbacular Drop doesn't run anymore. Not that I've tried it lately... with all the recent updates, maybe I clobbered something. I'll try reinstalling eventually. DiRT still runs, though, and Albatross is just having their usual problems. I logged in, discovered that I have credit for 440 holes (I've played less than 100 this month), and then couldn't log in after the reboot due to server maintenance. Mojave... screw you too.

I enacted my threat to eat at BW3's tonight, largely because I told the guys at work (who said I really deserve a vacation) that I'd eat BW3's and skip work if I got sick from it. We got there and waited about twenty minutes for the server to notice us... and I meant that literally. We didn't even know whether our table was assigned a server, because they were all milling about and taking care of the tables around us while we sat and waited. Finally, after one server nearly tripped over Curt on her third visit to the round table next to us, she turned around and apologized for the wait. We didn't feel that even BEGAN to cover it. After that, the service wasn't too bad - she kept up on drink refills for Curt, and the food didn't take long to arrive. I was a bit disappointed that the dessert I wanted, listed in the drink menu, wasn't available, but the capper came when I used the $5 certificate. For those of you who don't recall the story (all of you), the last time I ate there, I was part of a group, and the server rang in my order of a dozen wings as one wing, saving me almost $6. I pointed out the error, and she figured out what she'd done and corrected the check. In appreciation of my honesty, the manager signed a $5 certificate for me and crossed out the expiration dates on the back, which had already come and gone anyway. I went there tonight to use that certificate, and the manager and server both came to the table to ask when I'd gotten it and whether I'd crossed the dates out myself. I told them the whole story, and the manager said he'd let me use it "this time". Oh, the dreaded "this time". Not only have I run out of certificates, but I don't think I'll be going back there again for a LONG time. I'll walk over to Aver's and get their new chicken wings if I want wings that badly. (That sounds good... shame I won't be in town tomorrow for lunch, or I'd make that the addition to my lunch slices.)

My property tax bill came today... for 2008. Is this right? Didn't I pay the 2008 taxes back in March or so? Anyway, they have a brilliant sense of timing, sending the bill NOW when it's due next Friday. Two more days, and I'd have been out of town and completely unaware that I needed to pay anything. Ever hear of "sending the bill before it's due", morons? And why didn't they send this notice last year, when I actually owed taxes and wasn't given any notice of it at all?

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