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July 28th, 2008

When virus scans won't install...

Today's Bridge: Ken and I took on Dan and Bruce, and I'd say we came out on top. Bruce bid himself into a 3C doubled, which we set four tricks. Not sure whether he could have played it better or not, but I doubt it. He probably got the best he could hope for. After being off two doubled in a 3NT, we managed to make a final 3NT doubled with an overtrick. There may have been a second overtrick possible, but I think Ken played it pretty well. We ended with a single hand where Ken declared 2H doubled and ended up off one... the heart split was really against him. There may have been a way to make it, but it was a tough call.

Today's Morning Routine: Absolutely horrible. I was up late, kept awake by a random, utterly pointless storm, didn't feel great (but at least I wasn't throwing up), and finally got to work late for probably the second time ever. I requested an hour off so I could get home a bit earlier than would otherwise be possible.

Today's Computing: I found the disc for the antivirus program from work and tried to install it on the desktop, since the existing Norton license is about to expire. The virus definitions never loaded, and the installer didn't offer a quit or terminate option. I had to shut the computer down completely to make it stop. Maybe I'll try again tomorrow, or run a different version's installer.

I read the first book of Kujibiki Unbalance this morning. As expected, it's the characters that really make the series stand out. The story's pretty good, and definitely unusual, but what it's really doing is bringing to life the characters we learned so much about through Genshiken. I'll have to watch the anime soon and see if the differences are as striking as Shimoku-sensei claims. He's writing KujiUn, but someone else is doing the art. The two of them seem to be collaborating to include more panty shots and swimsuits - some startling detail in those areas, I think. I don't suppose I can complain.

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