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July 22nd, 2008

You're a winner and a loser...

Today's Bridge: I think it was a battle of sacrifices, only one of which I actually got to make. I jumped in at 2H with six of them to the A-10-9 and barely 7 HCP, and the opponents just left it there. Off two... really not bad. I also had a 3S moment even weaker, but the opponents went ahead and bid 4D, making 6 easily. Dan had a 2NT opener after that, and I went through the Stayman convention to end up in 3NT, which he made with an overtrick to basically seal the rubber for us. In the fourth hand, it was his turn to leap in with an insane 4C bid (he only had six of them), but the opponents pushed to 4S, and we had enough aces to finish them off. They also hit a 4-0 spade split in a 4S hand that might have made with more careful offense, such as guarding against that split, and a 3NT off four when Raymond got stuck on the board, leading from his K-x-x to my A-Q-10-x, with the jack already gone. Had he led low, he would have held it to off three, because he'd get the king.

Today's Work: I discovered that maybe our system isn't as overburdened as I thought... I put more work into the periodic function than we were supposed to be doing. I've reduced that load, but probably only by about half, to meet the requirements for the system. I'll have to see how that holds up to strain before deciding whether to scale it back even further... and I don't expect it to be my choice to make anyway. It shouldn't be. That's what systems engineers are FOR. And they should be making those decisions instead of screwing up our schedule and hardware. We need those to work. Also, I need to start making things work properly, rather than work ten times as hard as they have to and then stop completely.

Today's Gaming: I finally managed to avoid the lure of Myst 4 and play some Ape Escape 2. I beat a few levels and a boss, played the first minigame, and have no idea why it's taking so long for the Glider to show up. Didn't it show up early on in the first one?

I also saved myself a trip to Wall Market by just plugging the mouse in and syncing it to the receiver. Amazingly, despite there being no visible sign of the laser working (as indicated in the manual), it appears to work just fine. I have to remember not to use DVD cases as mouse pads with it, because they reflect, but it works pretty well right on the carpet.

After discovering someone online who may be able to tell me whether or not there are actually any male characters in Strawberry Panic, I decided to go through my collection in search of any other series that feature only characters of a single gender. Some come close, but none quite hit the mark. The closest I can think of is, interestingly, Strawberry Marshmallow, but I think the manager of the restaurant where Nobue works is a man, and there are a few other men who show up just for gags. (I went and looked just to check... I was thinking of the teacher to whom Miu postulated that the Moon is made of Calpis or something like that.) I'd make it a universal theory about series with "Strawberry" in the title, but the only other one I can think of, Strawberry 100%, has a male main character and several male friends. Oh, and I, My, Me, Strawberry Eggs... the main female character in that one is male. I think there's one called something like The Life of Strawberry-chan that's about a frog... I haven't bothered with that one. If I don't read Peach Fuzz, I'm not reading about a frog.

I wonder... would the anthropomorphic magical girl rodent story be Wedding Peach Fuzz? Then again, there could be a gender-bent vampire magical girl series called Until the Sailor Moon. Okay, one more... magical girls in steam-powered robots fighting enemies made of cards: Card Captor Sakura Taisen.

Maybe I'm just tired after last night's storm kept me up. I'd better get to bed before I start trying to think of an explanation for Please Save Our Magic Knight Rayearth.

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