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July 21st, 2008

So, the first day back at work in what felt like forever. It was mostly getting our changes from last week committed and going over what we need to do over the next three weeks (two, if I can swing it). Then, the branch manager called me in for my performance review. I agreed before I realized that my time for the day was up. Oops. So I was an hour late getting out. I'll probably take an hour off on Friday to compensate. It also meant that I didn't feel much like returning the mouse today, so I came straight home.

Today's Bridge: Some very interesting hands, I'd say. The only one I remember specifically was the final one, where I had S A-Q-9-4-3-2 H 10-x-x-x D 9 C K-J. Ken opened 1D across from me, Raymond passed, I bid 1S, Kelly bid 2C, Ken bid 2D, I bid 2H, Ken bid 2S, and I left it there. He had S K-x H K-x D A-7-x-x-x-x C A-Q-x. I suggested 2NT as a response, but I think we needed to end up in 3NT given his power. He could jump to 3D instead of leaving it at two, although with that distribution, 2D was certainly not wrong. The play in notrump is simple, because Raymond is leading, and Kelly bid clubs. Raymond leads a club, so Ken takes on the board, cashes the top three spades, and Raymond is left with the jack. So he leads a fourth spade, putting Raymond in the lead, and he has a guaranteed stopper in his hand regardless of the lead, with the king of clubs as a board entry if necessary to cash the remaining spades, lead back to the ace of diamonds, and cash the good club. If Raymond switches to a heart, that's another trick with the king. That's five spade tricks, the ace of diamonds, three clubs, and possibly the king of hearts.

Today's Gaming: I really meant to skip Myst 4 today and play something on the consoles, but I wanted to look around the jungle a bit more, and from there, I found more places I could go and more puzzles with mystifying clues. I've found some of the information I need, but it will take some doing to put it all together and find the remaining pieces. So no console gaming again today. I can't keep this up forever.

And I finally started watching Strawberry Panic last night, for no particular reason. It's cute, and it's got me thinking. I don't believe that there are any male characters in the entire series, which is unusual. Even Azumanga Daioh has male characters, including a main character. I haven't been able to think of any other series with an all-female cast, although I'm sure I'm just not thinking hard enough. Someone's going to suggest one. I also can't think of any male-only series, but I know I have to be missing one somewhere. And nothing says that a boy won't show up later in Strawberry Panic... it just doesn't seem like that type of series. It's got plenty of romance and all the usual character archetypes, but no males. I think the first episode of the anime is much funnier than I remember the manga being. I'll need to watch more before forming a meaningful opinion.

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