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July 15th, 2008

I feel loved again

Today's integration actually went quite well. I was surprised. Our schedule meant that we got to use the system until we'd worked out the problems we saw (some strange ones, including a few sporadic issues that won't be easy to reproduce if they ever even happen again), and the contractor got his time in the evening to fix the problems in his company's programs. We made a lot of progress toward our goals, and may even be able to use the rest of this week to accomplish something, like prioritizing the trouble reports and working on the quick fixes that will buy us some functionality at low risk. I'm all for that.

Some interesting things happened today. When I got to the base, the guard asked me if I was driving a new car and told me that because I didn't have a parking decal, I needed to get one at the badge office. I figured there'd be temporary badges for rental cars, so I went in. It turns out that there aren't temporary badges at all... I just needed to show him the rental agreement. I did that and breezed on by. But it felt a bit like an RPG. So, after lunch, I got the agreement ready to show along with my badge. This time, the guard said that I should consider buying the car, because I look good in it. He thinks it's me. Well, I don't care much for the Mitsubishi Eclipse. Okay, it looks interesting from the outside, but it's impossible to see out of it in any direction but straight ahead because the windows are tiny. It's an interesting slice of life, but I'm not interested in car buying advice, especially since I don't plan to need another new car for a long, long time.

The other interesting thing about today (yes, I'm just trying to raise the frequency of the word "interesting" in my LJ... if any of you find that interesting) was that I had originally thought that the TSA left my check-through alone on this trip, because their familiar flyer wasn't in my suitcase. Well, when I got to the lab and opened my laptop, there it was. They didn't forget about me and my DOD-issued security clearance at all. They just decided that they needed to be a bit cleverer this time around to get the message across. Okay, guys, I get it. You don't want me to do my work. Well, I'd just as soon you not do yours either, so you first.

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