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July 13th, 2008

Today, I bought the cables I need for the desktop (except for component cables, and if I rearrange my room a bit, I can probably make do with the ones Curt's letting me borrow and get some cheap 6' cables later... 12' cables are about three times the price), got a watch (with a metal band... it may actually last more than a few months!), paid for most of the desktop in barter, and got myself a used copy of Ape Escape 2. One of these days, I need to beat one of those games... other than the first one, in which I managed to get all of the monkeys but didn't beat all the time trials. ... Has anyone figured out why they call it "Ape Escape" when you're catching monkeys? Other than maybe that it rhymes? I even managed to get that haircut I've been needing so badly.

Anyway, I need to make an early night of it, because my flight tomorrow is earlier than I thought. I don't expect to have time for checking E-mail tomorrow morning as I usually do, so I'll pack my laptop tonight and be ready to go as soon as I wake up. A shower, and then I toss my bags in the car and head to the airport. I've got the DS and Terry Pratchett's "Making Money" to keep me occupied if I end up having to wait at the airport... but it can't possibly be as bad as last time, can it? Yes, I know I'm tempting fate. But I really, really don't think it could get any worse than last time, especially since I'm flying through Chicago instead of Dulles this time.


The highlight of the day: We decided to have dinner at Steak 'N Gouge, and Curt asked for no tomatoes and Swiss cheese instead of American processed dairy product. When the server repeated his order, she didn't repeat the no tomato part, but I didn't think it was worth bringing up. Ah, foolish me. He reminded her when he realized the omission, and she relayed the orders to the cook, who was just topping our sandwiches. She brought it out... and it was tomato-free, but with American processed dairy product instead of the requested cheese. So they made him another one, and the first one just sat at the edge of the table smelling pretty good. Finally, she brought the new burger and left the first one there. We finished our food, and she eventually took the empty plates away and offered him a to-go drink. He didn't want to be the one to ask if he could get a to-go container for the burger that they'd just throw away anyway, so we waited for that. Finally, she came over, took the mismade burger, and threw it away while we watched. What a waste of food! Sure, he'd probably have had to eat it tonight, but he COULD. Not anymore, Miss Wasty McWasterson.

So, because I doubt I'll be entertaining you much the rest of this week, I'll leave you with a couple of videos. While it's not as accessible if you're not familiar with the original Death Note, I found the third part even more hilarious. And then there's the video that may become the new Rickroll... prepare to be B-17 Bawwwwwwwwwwwmber-rolled!

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