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July 8th, 2008

Anyone had a nothing day

Today's Bridge: Didn't happen. Paul and I were the only ones there, and Kelly made her grand return later in the afternoon.

Today's Work: Yet another attempt to change something that's already locked down for this build... I expressed my distaste for the idea, and the suggestor agreed, so we'll see what happens tomorrow. I fixed a few more little problems and started on some others, but I need to work out the details.

Today's Gaming: Nada, really... I worked on my game a bit while Fox interrupted Moment of Truth and Hell's Kitchen for weather warnings. I'd still like to load up Myst 4 and try a few more things before bed, though, now that I've actually seen more of the machine I'm supposed to be activating. I'm getting better at solving Myst-style puzzles. I have other options, like various Ratchet games, but I'd rather play a game that has a battery backup in case of power loss, and that means the laptop.

And Mom got her birthday copy of Ratchet & Clank Future today, and enjoyed the portion she played while testing to make sure it worked. Good to hear... the problem with the PS3's current library is that there aren't many good games that would have wide enough appeal, so I wasn't sure. Granted, she hasn't gotten to the hard parts, but most parts of games are overcome by a combination of practice and luck. God of War games seem to be the exception, but I'll give those another try eventually as well.

I did finally catch up on my finances and discovered a few things that disturbed me... a $2 charge from something in Pennsylvania that I didn't recognize, but won't worry about as long as I don't see any more strange transactions - it's too late to complain anyway, because I don't remember getting a statement for May and didn't think to check online; and the travel office apparently paid my meals and incidentals twice for the most recent trip, which isn't good. I'll try calling them tomorrow to sort it out. In the worst case, they can probably just leave the money in my account (I don't know if they can extract it once it's there anyway) and consider that advance payment for next week's trip. I believe the amounts are the same. Unless maybe this was payment for TWO trips... that's worth looking into. I'll have to correlate the number of trips I've taken to the number of payments for that amount to make sure. Now that I think of it, I didn't get a payment in May, so it's probably one payment for the May trip and one for the June trip. Well, I'll figure this out somehow. The thinking is cutting into my Myst time, which will eliminate my Sailor Moon time.

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