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July 4th, 2008

Voice Post

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Straight Outta Lynwood Tour Report

Now that I've got the time to do it justice, I'll give a more detailed description of my experience. I didn't have too much trouble finding the venue, White River State Park... just about as much as expected, really. I chose to park in the underground garage, twice the cost of parking at the zoo, because it was easier to find and would provide better shelter in the event of rain, which I was expecting at any moment. But the skies remained dry until sometime this morning, and the concert proceeded. I had a prime seat near the front, where the speakers only blocked a tiny corner of one of the three video screens - no big loss. The band came out, and Al started playing The Chicken Dance on his accordion while the rest of the band did the dance, and "Polkarama!" began. It seemed a bit strange to me to lead off with a polka, but it worked. I thought he performed more songs from Poodle Hat than he did from Straight Outta Lynwood, but a careful count shows the opposite - if you don't count that several songs from each album were only done as part of the medley, where he performed either the first or second verse from each song along with the attached chorus. The medley also included a song based on Gilligan's Island, "I'm in Love with the Skipper"... I'm sure it was a parody, but I can't imagine what the original song would have been. He did all the usual costume changes, including several for "You're Pitiful", which I won't describe for fear of ruining the humor, but you'll probably find pictures online if you look. There was a line of Stormtrooper backup dancers for "The Saga Begins", a video with cue cards showing all the palindromic phrases in "Bob", and clips from ALTV and other media to keep us entertained while he was changing backstage. The Eminem interview was priceless. YaknowhatI'msayin'? He did "Yoda" about halfway through (right after "The Saga Begins") and ended with "Fat", leaving the show feeling a little short... maybe one song's worth. But the encore explained it. He did an original song for the concert that I couldn't explain unless you were there (or had seen the relevant ALTV episode... I never watched it), then launched into "Albuquerque" with a special extended mix that featured about a dozen more kinds of doughnuts and a few other surprises. Finally, he and the band said goodnight, they cleared the stage, and we all wandered toward the bus to see about autographs. Regrettably, only people with "After-show passes" were allowed to hang around... whatever those were. I never heard about them when I was buying my ticket. So I bought some souvenirs, found my way home with little trouble, and have little to show for it all but the T-shirts and the memories. Still worth it.

EDIT: Found it. Wow. Maybe I didn't want to know that.

Happy holiday

That's right, today was kiyoshi_05's birthday! Or so he claims... hmmm.

Not too bad, for a holiday. I didn't wake up until about 10, thanks to the concert from last night, so it felt like a shorter day than usual. I still got in a bit of gaming, though, dusting off the PS3 for some Ratchet & Clank and Uncharted... some progress in each, naturally, but nothing to write home about. And I ignored the fireworks completely... I just don't see the point. Not in the celebration, nor in the traditional expression. I mean, okay, the U.S. is a country unto itself. Who remembers when it wasn't? Anybody? Show of hands, who was alive in 1776? Who knows someone (personally) who was alive in 1776? Who hasn't realized yet that our country fought to escape religious tyranny only to establish a government of religious tyranny and continue voting for religious tyranny every four years? And what do fireworks have to do with ANY of that? Okay, so people say they're beautiful, but people say that about the Mona Lisa too, and I still don't get it. Bring on the blue duck!

Now that I've decreased my "friend of" list to a mere handful, check out this anime theme video. I know at least two people who should find this hilarious, although I doubt either of them will watch it. There's also a new Life in a Game video today, but anyone who'd find that interesting should already know how to find it. If you haven't watched Life in a Game yet... what's wrong with you? I'm glad you took me off your friends list... who needs friends like you?

I do... hug me?

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