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July 3rd, 2008

Gatorade machine FAIL

Not only have diet green teas from the left side of the machine been ending up in the otherwise empty slots on the bottom right recently, but the last Vanilla Frappuccino is sitting in the dispenser arm now, presumably making it impossible for the machine to dispense it or any other product. Once again, the machine is blissfully unaware of this fact and hasn't taken itself out of order. I claim victory, Tomo-style... though I'm aware that there was never a competition, I nevertheless feel victorious for some reason.


Well, I'm probably going to head out pretty soon. I checked my seat online, and it looks like I'm in the seventh row from the stage... nice. There's also no hint on the webpage that the concert might be affected by the weather, which the morning's report said was a 50% chance of rain. (Shame... 30% would have been a fitting tribute.) The clouds look only slightly ominous... it tried to rain this morning, but it's worn itself out and can only manage a few drops at a time. It's determined, though, dropping those drops like cloud spit every few minutes. There was thunder and lightning in the distance early this morning, but I slept despite that. As usual. the raincoat comes with me. And it'll be my first time seeing White River State Park, which I may or may not get to visit again with some friends in August. I don't plan to sightsee, though... I was thinking about leaving early enough to stop at the Best Buy in Greenwood on the way, but that would require taking 37, and there's really no need for the detour. 67 will take me right to I-70, so those are the directions I'll be following. Looks almost simple enough. I'll probably only get lost once. Then I need to decide which albums to bring and listen to in the car to refresh my memory, just in case I need to sing along. I doubt it, but I've probably forgotten the lyrics to more of his songs than most people have heard.

I played Exile a bit and found the pages I was missing... probably some of the most revealing in the entire book. It still doesn't help with the game much, though, but I want to play through it again from the beginning when I have the time.

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