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June 26th, 2008

Slightly easier than I remembered...

Happy birthday, Mom. I swear you'll get an awesome present sometime, probably next week. When you'll be able to enjoy it.

Today's Bridge: Bruce and I had no hands to bid on. We may have had a chance to set their 3NT, but they pretty brutally stomped us and failed to bid a slam, so we got off easy. On the last hand, Bruce opened 1S, and with S A-x-x-x H J D x-x-x-x C K-J-x-x, I had to jump to 4S even with a partscore. We may have had a slim chance of making it, but I expected off one, and that's what we got.

Today's Work: Still more new requirements coming from all directions while I try to implement as many of the existing ones as I can. Typical. But my day was better than my brother's by far.

Today's Gaming: It feels weird not having Exile to play, although I've been playing it for less than a week. (I beat it THAT quickly? That proves it... it's way easier than the first two were.) So I put some solid time into God of War 2. Aside from the escape from Hades sequence, which surprisingly only took me three or four tries this time, there wasn't much that was too difficult this time around. One normal fight at the start of the Temple of Lakhesis took me a while, but I got up to the fight with Theseus... I think I'm better equipped for this one as well, so it shouldn't take me too long next time I play. An hour or so should be enough. I almost beat him on my first try, but the final stretch is about three times as hard as anything leading up to it. Still, I feel pretty good about this time. I may have a shot at beating the game, and if I beat it once, I can beat it any number of times.

After finishing one book of Me and My Brothers, I can finally render a verdict... it's actually a lot closer to The Wallflower than I expected. Except instead of a girl who's as broody as she is sulky, the female at the center of the male harem is 14, self-dependent, and like a sister to them all. The boys are more like something out of Ouran High School Host Club, though... the youngest is a dead ringer for Mori (but his name is Takeshi... Takashi is the second brother, who's practically Kyoya), and the oldest is a cross-dresser and a mother figure... which is more like Haruhi, I suppose. The third is Kyo Sohma, but without the martial arts. Fairly typical archetype, that. Certainly not what I was expecting from this series... but then, did ANYONE buy this series without the sole intention of reading the preview for Fruits Basket 17? (Now that 20's just around the corner, it's a bit out of date.) Heck, did anyone actually BUY this series, or even read it? I expect most people just read the preview in the bookstore... most of them read all the rest of the books without buying them. Grrr...

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