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June 24th, 2008


With the death of George Carlin still tolling hard on us all, leading many of us to use as much profanity as possible and discuss "stuff" in words of far more syllables than we need, the world is looking for a new comedian to fill the empty shoes he left behind. Well, I can't think of a new comedian, but who couldn't use a healthy dose of gut-busting laughter at the idiocy of Robert T. Lee and his TEN COMMANDMENTS website? I'm pretty sure this isn't meant to be satirical at all. I know I've linked to it before, and so has my brother, but the opportunity came up today to quote it and I had to search for it. The entire TEN COMMANDMENTS site is probably full of more hilarity than I can stand to look at, but the section I linked is all about one man's deluded ideas about Atheism. Did you know that all Atheists drip yellow and green pus from their eyes? I sure didn't. Then again, he's got some wonderful zingers about homosexuality, too. "When a person commits the crime of murder, he may not murder but one person and may never commit the crime again. Or even if he murders 10 or a 100 people, at some point his murders stop. But homosexuals often remain such their entire lives and they may commit the act hundreds of time. They may also spread the AIDs virus to many innocent people who may die from the AIDs." Yeah, but they get Peter Griffin and his barbershop quintet to sing them a song about it first. Not to mention WHY he claims that homosexuality is as bad as murder... because the Bible prescribes death for both. Also for talking back to your parents, being raped in a city, or being male but not being Israeli. (And sometimes, even women, children, and animals aren't spared. Depends on the tribe - God was pretty specific with his genocide laws.) Anyway, it's a comedy classic if you can stomach the idiocy.

With that said, here's some actual news.Collapse )

Do you like bears?

Today's Bridge: It was a close contest, but our side managed to put together some close partscores, and I think the other side missed a club slam and ended in 3NT. Granted, it would have been tough to find. For the finale, the opponents bid 4S, Dan doubled, and they earned their second three-trick vulnerable set.

Today's video find: I didn't really find it, so via That Guy With The Glasses, a hilarious video about chatrooms.

Today's Gaming: I found the third age in Exile... and I feel slightly stupid for having taken so long, but at least I know my first inclination was correct. I just missed an important detail. Colors can be tricky. So I'm exploring the age now, and it's HUGE. Also, full of complicated machinery, as usual. I've figured out about half of it so far, I'd estimate, and I'm working on the rest. But I wanted to play some God of War 2 and have Dairy Queen for dessert, so that didn't leave much time.

Today's Work: I took the reins in a few respects that I really didn't like having to do, but the circumstances left me no choice. When the people designated to do stuff are all either absent or helpless and I have the ability to do what needs to be done... typically, that's their tough luck, but this is SPS. We don't have time for that. We don't have time for anything. Gotta buckle down tomorrow and catch up even more than I have done the rest of this week.

Need to go watch some Ranma before bed. Enjoy the video in the meantime. Oh, and happy birthday, neebs, if you're reading this.

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