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June 22nd, 2008

Sweet tea is sweet

A pretty typical Sunday, I'd say. I managed to get a new record in Shining Sand, and that includes at least one botched putt. I spent most of the day playing Exile - not only did I figure out the object of the game (at least, the first part... I imagine there will be more to it than this), but I located two of the three Linking Books (I know where the third is and have figured out how to interpret the combination to the door, but I don't know what the combination is), completed one of the Ages (which had an incredibly cool ending), and solved all of the obvious puzzles in the second, but can't figure out how to finish it... all without any outside help at all. It's an awesome feeling. I'm so going to beat this game without any help. I decided to give it a rest for today, and I'll go back to it another time to look for more clues or see if I can piece anything else together. I'm definitely going to get Myst 4 and 5 one of these days... would anyone believe that I used to hate these games? Well, I'm still not that big a fan of the original Myst, but at that time, I was more interested in beating most games than I was in the effort involved, so I'd resort to hint books pretty quickly. I had no patience for things like reading Atrus' journals, writing down clues, or figuring out the god-awful user interface. Also, my spatial perception didn't cover games that featured directions other than the standard eight or ten, and the almost complete lack of inventory took the game entirely out of my realm of logic. I wasn't interested in figuring out how machines worked and what they did just from visual and auditory clues. And I solved an entire Age's worth of machine-related puzzles, including finding out-of-the-way paths that led to key parts of the machinery, because it was there. Man, how times have changed.

I also want to try God of War 2 again, on Titan difficulty, now that I know I need to manage my red orb usage better if I'm ever going to get past the impossible part. The thought of having to do almost ANY of those parts again makes me hurt inside... it took so many tries to beat the freaking Colossus at the start of the game, let alone the Horse Master, the Barbarian, Euryale, almost any of the minotaurs, the tiny rooms full of powerful enemies, the wide-open spaces full of powerful enemies, any area at all with some quantity of enemies in it, several of the trickier areas WITHOUT enemies, and I never got far enough to fight enemies like the shadow, the sea monster, that room with about a dozen Cerberus, the hallway of death, the Fates... ZEUS. The last of the gorgons can't be THAT bad, but then, I thought the same of the Colossus, and that was only easy on lower difficulties in the dragon from Demon's Crest sense... it looks like it should be impossible, but it turns out to be really easy because it's the first enemy you fight, and the game never throws something impossible at you right from the start. Except that in Titan difficulty, it IS that hard. Still, if I'm going to go through the game again, there's not much point in doing it at any difficulty less than Titan.

I forgot how much of Ranma 1/2 season 3 I've watched in Japanese, so I just started season 4. Wow, the Principal's speech pattern is messed up. When he's not speaking in broken English, he's really loud, and he draws out his "DEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEsu" so long it feels like he should be in some sort of weird Di Gi Charat ripoff.

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