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June 17th, 2008

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“Ok yeah I got cut off at the end. I was really not gonna say anything important but I felt that this need to be said. Nobody ever told me there was a Dodge Grand Caravan. You have to put the whole kilos entry device which has the key embedded in it into the ignition just turn it on. I mean don't you think that's the kind of thing that's important to tell people. We've been sitting here for 1/2 hr talking to their help line waiting for someone to tell me this simple piece of information. Brilliant. Thanks a lot guys. Anyway hopefully we're making a regular post sometime like Thursday. See ya later.”

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Rirakkusu, rirakkusu!

We called it an early evening and left at about 7, so now I've got time to grab some dinner before Hell's Kitchen, watch Hell's Kitchen, and make a proper post tonight while reviewing everything I missed yesterday and today. I might even sleep well tonight. Should be interesting... more tonight.

Love that chicken from Popeye's

It wasn't easy to get to from this direction (I think I may have entered through an exit), but I'd passed a Popeye's on the way back to the hotel and decided to get dinner there. It wasn't easy to eat without utensils, but it was as good as ever. They were closing off the left lane through the stretch of highway nearby, which might make it difficult to get back if it's still closed tomorrow evening - I might have to drive past and make a U-turn farther down the road.

The testing today went tolerably, although there were some big disagreements. One of the big ones will be resolved tomorrow, probably while the hardware guys do their thing. We've actually gone through the entire arm, charge, fire sequence for one of the guns, but it only works from one console - there are problems with the equipment needed to do it from the other console. We're also having plenty of other problems, but we're charging through those as we get to them. Speaking of which, there's something I should probably investigate in my free time tonight, just to make sure I'm familiar with what the program's doing so that if it turns out to be a problem in my part, I can fix it. So I'd better go do that.

Still, there are some interesting things about being in Virginia again. Namely, the Dodge Grand Caravan. Sure, it's confusing, but I'm starting to like some of the features. Five of us decided to go out to lunch at the same time, and we all fit comfortably in it. The retractable seats would give me plenty of trunk space, and would also stop obscuring my view out the back if I folded them down. I still can't see out of the left side the way I'm used to, but that just requires time. Mostly, I wonder about the gas mileage, and how much one would cost, considering that I still barely own more than half of my current car.

Got my alarm set for a more normal time tomorrow (I set it for 9 this morning, just to make sure I didn't sleep all day, but I couldn't even lie in bed later than 8:30), so I'm ready to go. Have a good night, everyone.

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