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June 15th, 2008

I spent most of the early morning sick (probably the prime rib), but dragged myself out of bed at 10:30 or so, which is better than last Saturday. I spent the early part of the morning catching up on That Guy With The Glasses (linked from AVGN, like most other people), including all of his Nostalgia Critic videos, quite a few of the extras, and a handful of Five Second videos (gotta love that one for UHF, although it's considerably longer than 5 seconds). Another video publisher to keep an eye on. I took out some garbage, packed as much of my stuff as I can (the cell phone is charging, and obviously, the laptop stays until the last minute), and got to the final boss in Warrior Within on Hard difficulty (the real final boss, not the normal one), but after one try and a complete failure, I figured I'd try again tomorrow or just let it sit until after I get back. I've been itching to install Exile all week, and longer, but again, I want to wait until I get back. Part of it is wanting to go straight through as best I can, with paper handy to take notes as usual, and I don't want to bring it on a trip (I install the Myst games to an external hard drive anyway). Then again, who knows how long I'll be around after this trip? I believe there will be a live fire event sometime in July, but I don't bother with dates, and I don't expect I'll be going to that - my time is a lot more valuable back home, implementing functionality, or at least I expect it will be after this integration. We're supposed to be done and ready to formalize, calling all gaps between requirements and performance "defects" at last, like they planned to do last time but never bothered to do. Suits me fine... we're finally to the point where doing it almost makes sense, whereas trying to keep up with what they would have wanted (and probably still do, even though they don't know what it IS they want, or they'd have told us) this time around would have been impossible. We barely got anything done as it was, let alone trying to bring our standards up (down) to theirs.

Also, I mixed the last of my orange juice with the last of my Sprite Zero, just to see, and because I didn't have a full mug of either, but together, they just filled the mug. It was a very tiny amount of OJ, so I couldn't tell that it was a mixed drink. Oh well. Time to go rinse my Coke Zero bottle in preparation for the trip - this time, it goes in my backpack and gets filled at a water fountain beyond the checkpoint for a free drink I can carry with me on the plane. Bravo ingenuity, suck it TSA and the vendors who know they can charge exorbitant amounts for drinks because nobody can carry liquids through security. I've moved one step ahead of you now. Let's see what you've got next. And don't try removing all the drinking fountains... in addition to breaking some kind of health code, there will still be sinks in the bathrooms.

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