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June 13th, 2008

The best excuse ever not to go to work

I hadn't planned on it, and it was raining. Now, normally, even a relatively strong thunderstorm is a mere annoyance for the commute, but in our recent climate, even a few inches of gradual rain can cause major flooding in parts of the state I've never even heard of. I live in a town that's apparently higher than Terre Haute, and we got some major flooding last week in areas - sure, not like, say, Martinsville or Bloomfield, but enough to close roads, which is major in my book. So with the promise of plenty of rain, I decided to stay home as originally planned. I submitted my weekly status report from home, and I'll send a notice about my hours sometime next week, particularly if I can get a copy of the template spreadsheet. Otherwise, I'll just have to say "use the same job order number I've been using the past few weeks and charge these hours", which will probably work, but wouldn't be very convenient for the poor timekeepers. I could call home and get the JON, but that's calling home. I hate doing that for such unimportant things. Oh well. If I can find an NMCI computer, I've got my old timesheets in a saved folder. I don't think I can do that. At least I took the time to make sure our delivered build works, as well as it can be tested without equipment, and fixed a problem that I'm sure someone will mention at the test site. It was a simple change I just never had the time for, and I hope it comes up so I can have an excuse to put it in the build and pretend I'm doing something useful.

Anyway, I spent the morning watching MST3K, then after the brief power outage, waited until the major threat of power loss was over before starting a new file in Warrior Within... on Hard difficulty. Oh, yeah. I'm badass. Or just bad. I have to run away from battles with lots of enemies if there's any high ground. But things will tip in my favor soon enough. I know the special moves for the stronger weapons, and I know how to get the Water Sword. I've been wanting to pick up The Two Thrones where I left off, but I also wanted to pick a game where it wouldn't really matter if my progress was suddenly lost. Then I decided I was tired of MST3K and started watching Dilbert over again during dinner. Maybe this time, I'll get through the whole series without losing interest. It's a great series, and I love the theme song, but too much of anything can be difficult to handle.

And happy birthday tomorrow to jadestar4... I'm pretty sure you still exist out there, somewhere.

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