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June 12th, 2008

Almost a success. Almost.

Today's Bridge: We swept the first rubber pretty quickly, including a 3NT where the opponents just didn't find their power. Paul's hand and mine were a horrible fit - I had S A-x-x-x H A-Q-10 D x-x-x C A-9-x and he had S K-10-x H K-J-3 D K-x C Q-J-8-x-x. I took the opening heart lead with the ace to give myself board entries to the long clubs, then ran a club to the queen, which won. Then I led the jack and ducked it, and Kelly showed out, leaving Dan with the K-10. I cashed the ace, then crossed to the board with a heart and ran another to pull the king. At that point, I had every suit stopped but diamonds, and they couldn't stop me from taking the king if they attacked the suit. They didn't - Dan led a spade, so I won on the board, cashed the club and the heart, led back to my ace of spades to make the contract, and conceded the rest even though I would have won a spade. The rubber was over, so the 30 points didn't matter.

Today's Work; I finished enough of what I was working on to commit it. It compiles, but I didn't have the chance to give it a test run. I can't imagine it would crash going through its old paces, though. We need actual input to test it, and we won't have that until next week. I submitted it, but forgot to turn in a timesheet for next week and my status report. I figure I'll go in for a bit tomorrow just to check E-mail and do those things. It'll also give me a chance to try the alternate route, 37 to 58. I'm told it takes about the same amount of time, despite being a bit longer, which I can believe... 37 has a higher speed limit, and there's no construction down there. I left for work half an hour early today, but they'd closed the road completely for half an hour, so I barely got in any earlier than usual.

Today's Golf: Ice Spa was released today, and I got a -22 in my first run. That may sound impressive, but I botched at least two holes. I should be able to score -24 on a slightly bad day, and -26 should be more than doable. When there are two par 5s that are hole-in-one candidates (WITHOUT getting a miraculous delivery out of an ice trench) and several par 4s that are easy to eagle, -22, which is an excellent score on most courses, seems pretty pathetic.

Today's Gaming: Playing a few of the games on Yoyogames. Good way to kill a few hours.

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