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June 11th, 2008

Not even the machine notices the trend

I think the Pepsi guy has cleaned the fallen bottles out of the Gatorade machine twice this week... and yet another bottle has fallen into the mechanism, so far down that the machine hasn't detected it and gone into its "Out Of Order" state yet. It will if anyone tries to buy a drink, though, so some industrious person (it's a building full of engineers, of course) has taped a sign over the money slots that says "Out of order (again)". Says it all, really. And with the snack machine breaking down little by little, and both the Coke and Pepsi machines stealing money with frightful regularity, it's a wonder the companies even bother to continue trying to vend, and even more of a wonder that people still put their money in the machines. For the price of maybe four of those bottles, I get a six-pack of bigger bottles of the same drink. I take back my implication that a building full of engineers would have industrious people. I feel all alone.


Today's Bridge: Might answer the above question, sadly. In the first four hands, Paul and I had the majority of the power but just couldn't outbid or double the opponents, even when they were forced up to 5H (because Dan mistakenly bid 4S instead of 4H... we'd been bidding spades the whole time). Change most of those hands just a bit and you get the same auction with a play for making the contract. Instead, they were off two, off two, off three, off four, and we finally won an auction where Paul had bid with only three points... which made an otherwise decent 4C bid a horrible off three doubled. Fortunately, that was only 500 points to our 550 from the earlier hands.

Today's Work: I didn't get quite as much done as I was hoping to, but I'm still slightly optimistic about finishing tomorrow and taking Friday off. I'll put in for leave and prepare to skip work on Friday, and if I need to go in, I'll go in.

Today's Gaming: I decided to forego the impossible quests in Folklore, tempting as they are, and get back to the plot. After a bit of that, I may try the quests again.

Today's Interview: hillarygayle was bored enough to ask me some questions, so I'll answer them here.

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