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June 9th, 2008

Today's Bridge: A dueal of partscores, as usual, but Paul had a very strong hand for a 3NT opposite my 2H opener. Granted, my hand was about as weak as could be, with the singleton queen of clubs, 5-3-2 of diamonds, 4-3-2 of spades, and A-Q-6-5-4-2 or so of hearts... about as bad as a hand can be and still have six points. But he had the singleton king of hearts and a real powerhouse besides.

Today's Work: I really wanted to deposit my check, but I've got too much to do, and we're particularly interested in having it done by close of business Thursday, because I'm the only one on the project who will be around on Friday to submit the changes. If we get them in on Thursday, I can take Friday off and prepare for the trip next week. Not likely, but I'm almost done with the first third of what I need to do. I'm importing a bunch of data, which I then need to evaluate, and the evaluation will basically come in two parts. I need to write some evaluation stuff to properly tie the imported data to it, but other than that, the importing is done. Here's hoping it works the first time we test it... as if. I'm good, but I can't be THAT good.

Today's Gaming: Mom has been playing Portal and needed a hint, so I had to load it up to see which level she was on and how to complete it. I figured I'd just go ahead and go through the rest of the game, largely to refresh my memory. Also, I wanted to see how to get myself stuck in test chamber 11. I already knew how to do it in 13, but it's tricky. There's also a way to do it in 17, but I saw that one on YouTube. Still, it's amazing that they were that thorough, implementing a check for when the player is trapped and programming ways to escape.

Watching the news, I'm doubly glad I live in Bloomington. I've heard that Terre Haute has proven the irony of its name in the mass flooding, and most of the major roads around the state have been closed for at least a while. The story is that this is the first time those roads have seen so much flooding... the last time rivers were this flooded was in 1875, before the roads were built. Route 45 was surprisingly clear - with the construction halted due to weather, it was a clear trip aside from the road having no surface and retaining lots of water. I even managed to ride a break in the storms all the way home. It was funny to hear everyone at work searching for alternate routes to avoid 45 and then having so little trouble with the trip. Still, the entire state is a "it always happens to other people" zone this week. Pretty close to home for that.

And more rain... yay. The worst part of the storm did some strange things to the audio in the cable TV signal, but no noticeable loss in Internet connection. Well done, Comcast. I'm actually impressed. (Now watch it go down after I post.)

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