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June 6th, 2008

It's been passing us to the north so far, but the sky looks nasty, and we're under a thunderstorm warning right now. Comcast has admittedly been really good about keeping our service available, but the weather's done some pretty nasty things this week and doesn't seem to be letting up.

Today's Bridge: Except for a horrible, horrible trump split in a 5D Dbl contract, we did pretty well. I was surprised when Dan jumped to 5C out of nowhere, but he made it. I declared a 4H that should have been off one, thanks to Paul bidding the Stayman convention with only five points (two five-card majors, but still a bit weak), but I made it. The final, critical hand saw Dan opening 2H when I had S 6-4 H Q-J D A-Q-x-x C A-K-J-x-x - solid, but not quite enough to bid 3C on. Ken compounded the issue with a 3H response, but Paul had enough to bid 3S, and I responded 4C. He didn't know what that meant, but bid 4D. Dan doubled, and I redoubled. Then Ken bid 5H... forgetting that 4H was still available. To his credit, neither Paul nor I could really double that, as Paul had no hearts and I didn't know how much of my power would work. Indeed, we only got two clubs, two spades, and a diamond - ultimately, not a bad sacrifice when we had 6S, 6C, or 6D in the bag. Three eight-card fits, if you can believe it.

And that's about all that's worth mentioning so far today. I need to do something that won't corrupt data if the power goes out or the Internet connection dies, like read a book. Speaking of which, Strawberry 100% is awesome. Why didn't anyone strongarm me into reading the series sooner? I think it blows Masakazu Katsura's series out of the water, and I really like those.

Still online for now.

It looks like, for now, Bloomington is right in the eye of the storm. It'll turn into a solid cube of water before long. In the meantime, this is the most awesome thing ever to happen to video game tributes. If you've played, seen, or heard of video games, watch "Life in a Game" and laugh out loud.

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