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June 5th, 2008

Today's Bridge: I have no idea why I'm screwing up so much lately at everything I do. I doubled a 4S contract because Steve had bid it out of the blue, instead of sacrificing at 5C off one. True, I had a heart void and four spades to the ace, but Steve had the singleton ace of clubs - death. Still, there was an amusing hand that makes either 7NT or 2NT, depending on whether the defender making the opening lead has any concept of Bridge theory at all... if she does, it makes 7. Dan opened 1H, and with S x-x-x H J-10 D x-x C K-10-x-x-x-x, I had to respond 1NT even though I was a bit weak. He closed at 3NT, which was mine to play. Kelly started with a club into Dan's S K H A-K-Q-x-x-x D A-x-x C A-Q-9, so I took the queen, ran my two hearts, led to the ace of clubs, cashed the remaining hearts (sluffing my spades and a diamond) and the ace of diamonds, then led back to my king of clubs to cash them and make 7. Had Kelly led the ace of spades, we're sunk - the opponents only have to coordinate their spade play properly to take five of them before I can do anything. The ironic thing is that it's guaranteed for 6C or 6H as the cards lie - the singleton king of spades is strong in a trump contract. The worst that could happen is that the clubs split 4-0, but we can guard against that by cashing the ace first - if one opponent shows out, then we know where the jack is and can use a heart or club as transportation to run the appropriate finesse, guaranteed to give us four top club tricks and two long ones, plus the six hearts and the diamond. A defensive ruff is possible, but unlikely - once we get the lead, we pull trump immediately before running the long side suit. Then Dan wouldn't take my word that I had a good diamond suit when I was really weak and just kept bidding up and up until we hit 5D. There was no way to make it, but not even clubs, our best suit, would have made 5, and we needed a game. I preferred the diamonds because I had seven of them to cover a singleton spade. Steve had bid 1NT, marking him for absolutely all the missing power, and the finesses just didn't help us.

Today's Work: Getting answers is good. Having to wear a jacket in the summer because the building is freezing now isn't. And everyone else is happy because they don't sit in the desk right under the air vent. But my chair has been fixed again, and has new, stable arms. As I have a pretty good idea of what I need to do and something to rest my arms on while I do it, I call it a wash, except for Bridge.

Today's Commute: No flooding, no storms. So the construction is back, and having repaved half of 45, they're now tearing it all up. The entire northbound lane, stripped. WHY DID THEY REPAVE IT IF THEY WERE JUST GOING TO RIP IT UP? We pay for these idiots to have jobs? We wait twenty minutes to drive past pointless work? I'm getting near the end of The Year of Living Biblically because it's all I have to read in the car while I wait for traffic to move. That and maybe the first RahXephon novel, but I just can't get into it for some reason. Maybe I need to continue reading Slayers. That's a great series.

Today's Gaming: I'm ready to start playing Exile, the third game in the Myst series, but considering how badly I've been screwing things up in games (I still managed a record in North Wiz, but that's because I made lots of long putts and a lucky Tomahawk), I felt it would be prudent to practice more Rock Band. Mainly the guitar on Normal, getting more comfortable with strumming up and down where necessary - I might be able to manage something in Guitar Hero that way. Then I gave a joint venture of Bass and Vocals, each on Medium, a go. It went okay, but I only made it because I know Still Alive pretty well by now and didn't really need to concentrate too hard on the singing. Forget any other song until I've sung it about a million times, and I try to avoid the singing because I'm tempted to attempt to activate Overdrive to get a decent score. Now THAT'S embarrassing.

I saw an ad tonight for "Wipeout", the American version of Takeshi's Castle (a.k.a. Most Extreme Elimination Challenge) coming later this month to ABC. I can't really say any more about that.

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