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June 4th, 2008

They've got the part they need, and they've stated that they intend to have the HVAC working before they leave today, despite the storm warnings that occupied most of the Midwest for most of the morning. Then the power went out. Somehow, I don't think that's a good sign. Fortunately, it was only for a minute and a half or so, but there are very few things that would be considered good signs right now, including cold air coming into the building. It's still not. The Coke machine got a refill today, but no sign of life from the Gatorade machine. This is why I have refillable water containers.
Today's Bridge: Yes, I bid a very bad 4H, but I had really long hearts, Kelly has a habit of underbidding, and I really didn't want the opponents playing 3NT. Given that, it's really sad that Kelly declared a 2NT that made 5 and I declared a 4S (pre-empt) that made 7, although I had a heart loser and a club loser and got lucky on the club finesse to avoid another loser. Granted, it was a relatively ratty suit: S A-10-9-8-7-4-3-2 H 4 D 4 C A-Q-x, but I felt it worth the sacrifice, and Kelly had S K-Q H Q-x-x D A-K-10-x-x C x-x-x. I won the opening diamond lead and sluffed my heart on the other good diamond, ruffed a diamond low, pulled a round of trump (the jack fell), ruffed a diamond with the good 7 (the jack failed to fall), pulled the last trump, ran the club finesse, which won, lay down the rest of my spades, and ran the ace and my last club to a chorus of heart honors. Good thing I took the risk with diamond ruffs instead of ruffing a safe heart. The slam would have put us within shooting distance of the rubber, but we never finished a second game.

Today's Anime and Manga: The box from Anime Castle got here in record time, with three DVDs of Di Gi Charat Nyo, the remainder of Galaxy Angel Rune, Manga Sutra book 2, King of Cards 4, Nodame Cantabile 13, Sakura Taisen 7, Puri Puri 5, Little Queen 6, Harukaze Bitter*Bop 2, and five more volumes of CLAMP no Kiseki, which have left me very puzzled. I knew from the start that there would be a total of 36 chess pieces, and it takes 32 to make a complete set. I already had two white queens, so I figured I'd get an extra black queen and either two more queens, or maybe two rooks. Unfortunately, I was wrong. There's a third bishop of each color, and for some inexplicable reason, there are two black kings. Okay... why would anyone need two kings of the same color outside of Bughouse or Knightmare Chess? (Either of which presents the interesting endgame possibility of two kings vs. one... not hard to win, actually.) And there's no way the final set could possibly include another black queen, because I'm still missing the white king and one pawn of each color. Those have to be the last three. Maybe they figure that only white could ever queen a pawn... black's only promotion option is a bishop. Still, poor planning, says I. Maybe it's a different edition and they re-released one of the earlier figures as a queen after I'd bought mine. 12 comes out soon... and at least I'll have all 36 pieces.

Today's Work: Strangely, doing other people's work makes me feel pretty good. I'm just helping out, in a sense, but in another sense, I'm doing their job for them. As long as I get my own done as well, that can work. Also, the HVAC finally came to life a few hours after the power outage, which turned out to cover more than just our building. I'll still be bringing my emergency shorts to work tomorrow, but I expect that either the HVAC will have had a heart attack from trying to catch up from its long failure, or it'll be freezing in there. And I still haven't deposited my insurance refund check. I need to do that soon.

It was a short evening because I stayed at home an extra half hour, waiting for the storm to pass enough that I wouldn't get blown off the road, and traffic on the way back was nightmarish... Leonard Springs Road was closed, 37 was standing still, and the particular backroad I chose was stop-and-stop traffic. I didn't get in until after 7, so I stopped at Subway for dinner. Time for all kinds of digestive fail. And gaming.

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