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June 3rd, 2008

Freya is in another fray.

So today was the day for the HVAC manufacturers to have their go at repairing the thing. It hasn't been fixed yet, and I'm pretty sure it's because the entire state is under a tornado watch pretty much all day, and there have been scattered thunderstorm warnings, tornado warnings, and funnel cloud sightings. I say the work crews are perfectly welcome to hide on our floor, indoors, while waiting for the weather to clear. They'll be back on the roof in no time. But it really proves that whatever higher power may be behind the weather really doesn't want our HVAC working properly. If it does finally get fixed weeks from now, and it gets struck by lightning that same day, you'll know I'm right.

Addendum to the previous post

You may have noticed that I didn't mention the Gatorade machine in the last post. Indeed, it had recently been fixed when I saw it, shortly before writing the post. But when I returned to the break room a few minutes later, the conveyor was COVERED with bottles, and there were bottles half-falling off the shelves and others lying down in the wrong slots. Basically, beverage chaos. It's another ploy by the forces of hot to make sure we don't try to take any protective measures. It's time to send the repair guys packing and learn to live with whatever voodoo curse has befallen us. At least that might stop the tornados.

Also, my ankle really hurts. May as well quickly summarize the day... we played well in Bridge, but the opponents bid and made a grand slam, which pretty much shut us out. I got some stuff done at work, finally. And I want to play some No More Heroes before Hell's Kitchen, all while keeping pressure off my leg.


Final update for the evening

The ankle feels much better after having taken the weight off it for the evening, so I figured I'd mention the last thing I forgot. Anime Castle credited me for the points I used on the last order, so it's all worked out. It could be confusing for those people who depend on the discount and don't have enough money to cover the full cost, but I don't imagine those people should be ordering so much anime. Is that a CONTROVERSIAL SATEMENT? Well, maybe... but those who disagree with me should probably learn some fiscal responsibility.

The constant tornado warning news is making it difficult to follow Hell's Kitchen, but that doesn't hurt much. I'm ranked 9th in No More Heroes... Mr. Peace wasn't too hard once I learned his pattern, but there was still a lot of running around. Now it's time for more jobs to make up the cost of the beam sword I bought... but I can has new beam sword!

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