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June 2nd, 2008

Today's Bridge: Poor Dan... he shuffled, dealt, and got the king.Collapse )

Today's Work: The temperature's high enough that I'm pretty sure we're supposed to be shutting off computers (above 88F, for those counting at home), although there's a further suspicion that it only applies to servers. Still, without our fileserver, we can't do anything... including log into our computers as non-root users or run most of the utilities. At least I have a laptop I can switch to in an emergency, and I can take it with me to a cooler building if I want. That removes me from E-mail, though, and I really need to stay connected - some inter-group stuff is due on Wednesday, and I haven't had the chance to work on it yet. Meanwhile, we got some news that's both good and bad. No more overtime for this project. That's good, because it means no late nights - when the clock says it's time, I leave, finished or not. On the other hand, it means less work time in which to get stuff done. That's not so good. It's also said that a third crew, this time from the company that manufactured our HVAC, will be looking at it tomorrow to try to find a workaround while we scrape together funding for the replacement parts. Anyone think that will do the trick? Jeff was concerned about carbon dioxide poisoning today, so I read about it on Wikipedia. Fascinating, the specific levels that are toxic, standard, and considered hazardous by OSHA. Given that we're using desk fans for circulation (probably about a hundred just on our floor), it might be above the OSHA level, but definitely not enough to cause health problems with nine hours of exposure a day for a few weeks. At least, I would assume so. Not having windows can't be helping the situation.

Today's Gaming: In preparation to accept an invitation from the lovely helenangel, I went back to Rock Band for some guitar practice - not that it's the instrument I need practice with, but it's the one I've got the best chance of managing in Hard mode. Still not great... I can get about three and a half stars on Still Alive, and I only barely got four on that Nirvana song. I'm not sure the controller was registering properly, though... it looked like, when strumming a series of chords, it suddenly was only registering one of the frets. Anyway, I could probably improve on that with another try or two. And more practice on Normal couldn't hurt much. I could probably sing Expert if I knew the songs better... Hard may be doable, but I want to stick with Normal until I've learned them all.

I finally started reading Strawberry 100%, which I'd avoided for some time due to the premise sounding a bit hard to swallow. The main character is trying to find the girl of his dreams based almost entirely on having seen her strawberry panties, and he quickly finds himself dating the cutest girl in school while the girl who was probably the one with the panties is trying to get his attention. It's 19 books long, and I think the fifth one will be coming out soon, so at least I'll be reading it for a while. My most recent order shipped today, minus Rhysmith volume 2, which was listed in stock but is now on backorder. Either a lot of people ordered it over the weekend, or they listed it a bit pre-emptively. Shame... I've really been looking forward to that one. Still, I've got some great stuff coming later this week. They didn't seem to use my points, but maybe they're going to use them on the last item... doubtful, since I have the option to cancel that. I may have to call and ask about it... I can always just try again with my next order, but I'll have a lot of points by then.

And now to choose between Fullmetal Panic Fumoffu, which I've been in the mood for ever since Lucky Star, and Magical Meow Meow Taruto, which I haven't.

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