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May 29th, 2008

Slow and steady progress, emphasis on slow

Today's Bridge: Not a bad day, really. Ken bid himself into a 4S Dbl that was off three, partly because he forgot that the ace of clubs was still out but also because he'd taken me for more than the bare minimum of support (literally... I had two kings and three little spades), but I made a doomed 3NT when the opponents failed to attack hearts, and we finished with the rubber bonus, so we still won. It was a neat auction, mirroring an earlier one almost exactly. In the previous auction (the 4S Dbl), Ken had opened 1S, Dan doubled, I redoubled, Paul bid 2D, Ken bid 2H, and having three spades and two hearts, I bid 2S. He jumped to game. In the last auction, he opened 1H, Dan doubled, I redoubled (S x-x H K-J-x-x D K-J-x-x C Q-J-x), Paul passed, Ken bid 2D, Dan passed, and I jumped to 4H. Mike, sitting behind me, approved. Dan doubled the 4H, and I considered redoubling, but it was a gamble already. Ken made it, though, despite once again forgetting that the ace of clubs hadn't been played. In this case, Dan exposed the king of spades on an early diamond trick, so Ken ran his ace to pick it up.

Other than that, a pretty typical day for the summer. Road construction delayed me about twenty minutes coming home, and then I played some Folklore, beat that boss, and played a newly unlocked downloaded quest. I'll check the nighttime quest list before finishing the chapter. But the new Folk (Automata) is awesome. Granted, a single attack uses up most of my MC meter, but who really needs more than one at a time? It took me no time at all to defeat the 70 (!) Pouke to unlock one of the Karmas. Gathering 99 Purple Dusts, though... at least I know WHERE to get them.

Thursday nights are pretty boring, so I'm thinking of maybe starting a webcast or something. I've got a Yahoo Live profile that I don't use much, mainly because I wanted to webcam chat with some people, most of whom are never on it anymore... I could host it there, and just have people sign on at a certain time to watch, chat, participate, suggest topics... is anyone interested?

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