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May 27th, 2008

It's baking in here, and I have to resort to rolling up my pants legs to keep cool. I was bunching them up as a temporary measure, but if one fell down and the other didn't, I'd end up looking like Tidus... no thanks. At least they refilled the Gatorade machine while my back was turned. I know there was no regular Green Tea or Aquafina Alive Nutrient-Enhanced Water Beverage this morning, but it's there now. But for how long? I'm using my thermally-insulated beverage container for water, since I doubt my Pepsi will last through the afternoon.

Meanwhile, computers are overheating, and it's not all the fault of Windows. Gasp!


Today's Bridge: Not a stellar performance... I went as high as 5D with S K-Q-x-x H 5 D A-K-Q-J-x-x-x C x and no support from my partner, but Dan went to 5H. We could have set him, but Paul gave him a ruff-and-sluff that eliminated his third spade loser.

Today's Work: The aforementioned heat made it hard to stay awake, let alone get anything done, but I submitted my travel voucher and my comp hours, and the new timekeeper not only called me to make sure I was happy with comp time, but sent me an E-mail to verify that the hours the system gave me were correct. Everything was right without needing my input, but having had a timekeeper who seemed to make mistakes all the time until this week, it's a nice change of pace to have one who really pays attention to the details and makes sure everything's right.

Today's Gaming: Mostly just traveling from Realm to Realm in Folklore, defeating the Folks I needed in each one to build up the last few Folks I hadn't maxed out - and I'm seeing yet more unfamiliar names now. No big deal... I think there's one more Realm to go. The sad part is that I never did bother to defeat 5 Urisk with Ulghik... Ulghik sucks too much to defeat an Urisk, and the only way to make it any more useful is... well, kill 5 Urisk with it. Defeating Ulghik with Urisk, on the other hand, was easy because Urisk kicks ass. I tried to defeat the Folklore, but I didn't try very hard. Now I know when to attack and when to just dodge, so I've got him next time, provided I don't have to sit through that long, boring scene beforehand again. Well, it wasn't THAT boring... once. But I hate having to repeat story scenes in games just because I couldn't save between the story scene and the boss fight. Final Fantasy 7 may have been the worst offender in that capacity, though.

Well, I haven't set aside time for Princess Tutu lately, so that's tonight's activity. The people in Riven who ensured that I can't go anywhere or do anything useful from where I am will just have to wait another night.

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