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May 26th, 2008

And napoleonherself seems to have a birthday tomorrow... maybe that explains why I didn't see her yesterday. Well, maybe not.

The big news of the day is that Curt found a cheap yet decent computer monitor at Best Buy, and they had tons of them, so I bought one too. The problem with the sound in my first video was that the laptop was getting hot, so the fan was running constantly, and that produced the faint hum in the background. With an external monitor, I can hook up a keyboard and mouse and shove the laptop itself under the desk. Now not only is it out of the way, but it's freakishly quiet, probably because the screen is off. Also, no blue streak down the screen. Some text is hard to read in the unusual 1440x900 resolution recommended for the monitor, but I expect I'll get used to it. In the meantime, now my videos will have nice, clear sound and only suffer a bit of reflected monitor glare in my glasses. That, I think people can deal with, especially since the videos will hopefully feature significantly more footage of anime rips and manga scans. It's all fair use... I'll be using small portions of the works in a review context, not for profit, and in a way that doesn't diminish or compete with the original work. I believe those are all four of the mitigating factors. Unfortunately, I was too lazy to actually start working on the next video today, but I'll get to it.

I figured I'd run the new monitor through its paces by returning to Riven and seeing if I could make out any of the visual cues I was told I was supposed to be seeing. Sadly, no... I had to look up a list of the exact answer to a puzzle when I knew what the solution was, but just couldn't correlate the pictures to the clues. Once I knew what to look for, I was able to find one of the visual clues... which does me a lot of good after I already know the solution. I saw another one at the time I was supposed to, and I can kind of see the third, but it's a real stretch. The fourth one, which is the only one not also associated with an audible clue... well, I know exactly what I'm supposed to see, and I think I know where I'm supposed to be seeing it, and I don't see it. At all. I was prepared to solve obscure puzzles, and I've worked out a fair few of them in this game on my own, but when the supposed hint just plain doesn't exist, that's below the figurative belt. I found something somewhere that could be what I was supposed to be looking for, in the same way that the duck looks like a rabbit or any drawing by me looks like what I was trying to draw, but it's not where anyone said it would be (three walkthroughs listed the same location), and I only see it because I know what it is I'm supposed to see. Anyway, I managed to activate all of the linking books, so now I can finally get to the other worlds, which was where most of the gameplay was in the original Myst. I may be ready to advance to Exile, the third game in the series, by the time Hillary Clinton gives up on the Democratic nomination for the upcoming election, around 2017. She'll be hanging around the White House lawn throwing rocks at the window of McCain's or Obama's successor, shouting "Come out here and let's have a debate! I know America wants me in there!"

I also played a bit more Folklore, but the fifth realm is really unforgiving with the save points. And why is it that every time certain Folks appear, there are always two or three of them? It's almost impossible to absorb a Folk if it's not alone, but I hate having to kill most of them just to absorb the one that's left, especially since that one likes to die before giving me the chance. Oh well. I just have to build up at least three new Folks to stand a chance against the boss, and I've tried one of them TWICE but failed both times. Stupid birds and freaking Fomoire. It's a great Folk, but I HATE fighting it!

Well, may as well go for more Riven until bedtime. Good thing this is a short work week... I always need a rest soon after a long weekend.

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