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May 24th, 2008

I also bought a few DVDs, most of which came as a surprise. The big influence was that I wasn't expecting to find much new manga, so I took the opportunity to buy some of the series I've either had my eye on for a long time or just noticed for the first time and thought they sounded interesting. That includes Amazing Agent Luna (the first four books, three as an omnibus edition), Strawberry 100% (four books), and Rosario + Vampire (I read the preview in Shounen Jump and liked it) as well as the Maid Machinegun novel - sure, it's a novel, but it's Maid Machinegun. It's what might happen if Hanaukyo Maid Team had a baby with Gunslinger Girl. But I did find plenty of new books in series I've been collecting all along, like Shugo Chara 4, Dragon Drive 8, Eyeshield 21 20, Muhyo and Roji's Bureau of Supernatural Investigation 5, Hoshin Engi 7, Gentlemen's Alliance 6, Yurara 5, Wild Ones 3, Tail of the Moon 11, Rozen Maiden 8, Pretty Face 6, and the 11th Cat Special book. That's three series that are now complete, although Rozen Maiden 8 was a bit of a disappointment... even skinnier than Miyuki-Chan in Wonderland, but at least they had the courtesy to charge only $6 for it. They usually pace things better so that there's not a book with only three chapters at the end of a series... like making the last book really thick to incorporate extra chapters. Especially since I think some of the earlier books were extra thick, there's really no excuse for this. At least it'll be a quick read. I also got the Indiana Jones adventure collection, the Mystery Science Theater 3000 movie, Dr. Strangelove (yes, someday, I will finally watch this movie), and the fifth season of Penn & Teller's Bullshit. It's a mixed bag... they're finally producing some good episodes again, like favoring Wal-Mart and illegal immigration while panning the "obesity epidemic" and the notion that breasts are pouches of evil, but I don't like the new opening credit sequence, and what's with having only ten episodes? Sure, it's not as bad as Rozen Maiden book 8, but come on!

Finally, I bought a copy of Baroque for the Wii, as did Curt. He was thinking of getting Heavenly Guardian, while I was looking at No More Heroes now that its price has dropped, so we've traded our copies for evaluation purposes. I'll get to that tomorrow if I can. Today was split between Bullshit and trying to get the old Packard Bell running at last. Curt didn't think the dead CMOS battery would be as big an obstacle as it had seemed to me, and sure enough, he got the old battery out without damaging the bracket, and I found a replacement at Radio Shack. Unfortunately, it will require some kind of adhesive to make the new battery stick, but if I can do that, and if I can find the rails from the hard drive so I can mount it in the drive bay securely, I'll be able to play all the old games on it again, like Return to Zork and Alone in the Dark 2. I'll look into that tomorrow. Until then, it's time to finish Kamisama Kazoku (hilarious and erotic all at the same time) and get to bed, if sleep is an option tonight.

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