May 23rd, 2008

Moa: The King of Destruction

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“Well I'm here at the Richmond International Airport which is kind of an interesting situation. My first flight was delayed and the connection was already incredibly tight. So the new connection was so tight they wouldn't even check through my bag. So I had to get transferred to another flight which meant that I had to <b><i>ADDITIONAL SCREENING</b></i> which wasn't really that bad because I wasn't carrying anything illegal but that also means I'm getting home about an hour later than scheduled. The funny thing is that the escalators in this place are all made by a company called Schindler and I've been checking to make sure that they didn't make the elevators as well because I definitely don't wanna be on "Schindler's Lift".”

Transcribed by: sakanagai
Moa: The King of Destruction

My wireless router doesn't like that I've returned

It's rebelling. It keeps dropping the connection just long enough to be annoying. A few resets and long power-offs haven't convinced it to do its job properly. Meanwhile, I'm trying to download stuff from the Playstation Store... fat chance of that ever being finished.

Is it any surprise to anyone that in addition to the extra screening at airport security, my check-through bag was searched AGAIN? This is our tax dollars at work, people... three extensive searches of the same guy, who happens not only to be employed BY the government (granted, no guarantee of trustworthiness, but still), but also to be on a DOD trusted list. And what's with this idea that having to change flights makes me more likely to be a terrorist? This represents the stupidest logic ever. EVER. Really. Okay, so let's put ourselves in the mind of a terrorist for a second and pretend we want to cause some sort of plane-related destruction. Clearly, our best course of action is to buy a ticket for a flight other than the one we intend to target, in the hope that circumstances beyond our control will force us to switch to precisely the flight we want. That, or maybe they think that having to change flights makes a traveler disgruntled enough that they plan to use the chemicals or explosives they brought with them... remember, this same person was about to coast through security without extra screening, had their flight not been changed involuntarily. Anything security finds on them in this extra screening was ALREADY THERE WHEN THEY ENTERED THE DAMN AIRPORT. Whoever makes these policies at the TSA is the world's biggest moron - including everyone who's ever appeared on "Jackass", "The Simple Life", or "Penn & Teller's Bullshit". "Dur, let's single out the people LEAST likely to be terrorists for extra screening!" Brilliant plan, guys.

And that's really all I've got for you. I suppose the upside of having to change airlines for the return trip is that I get two different in-flight magazines with two sets of puzzles. Whoopee.
Moa: The King of Destruction

Internet problem hopefully solved

I think I found the culprit when I went downstairs to reset the router connected to the modem... the antenna had fallen off. Curt probably bumped it while he was cleaning downstairs. No wonder the signal always sucked! I should have guessed when I got a steady signal while connecting the computer directly to the downstairs modem, but the signal strength was always "Low". I'll have to hang up my troubleshooting hat for good... I should have checked that hours ago, but I didn't want to screw with it while Curt was awake in case he was using the Internet and it interfered with him too. Downloads of everything are proceeding at a rapid pace.