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May 19th, 2008

Granted, it was just the extra volume of 11th Cat and Shugo Chara 4, but I held off. Maybe I'll go back later in the week, but I expect Shugo Chara, at least, to hit Bloomington soon. 11th Cat, I can order online with the rest of CLAMP no Kiseki. If they'd had a DVD set that I really wanted, like Tru Calling season 2 or Teen Titans season 3, I might have bought them. I want to check the Best Buy later as well... maybe tomorrow evening, while everyone's watching American Idol.

The trip went okay... got to the airport with time to spare, survived the constant turbulence in the air with some nausea but no actual loss of a meal I hadn't eaten yet, got some Burger King for dinner, and located a nearby theater that's playing the Death Note movie. I've got a ticket for Wednesday night, and of course, events will undoubtedly conspire to prevent me from getting to the screening, but if I can manage to invite someone else along, I should have an out. Besides, they wouldn't make me stay past 6, and it's about 40 minutes back to the room with time to change clothes and maybe pop on the Internet for a bit to check E-mail before heading to the movie. It's 2 1/2 hours long, including the special interviews and behind-the-scenes footage, so it might be a harrowing Thursday morning and I definitely won't have time for my usual full browse of webcomics and the new Angry Nerd video (assuming it's up on time this week), but I get to see Death Note in the theater. I hope it's worth the $10. Apparently, it only covers about the first two books, which is the good part. I assume this means a sequel is on the way, which would involve casting a Misa-Misa. Ugh.

My check-through got searched... I'm debating leaving the TSA tag in there for the trip back, but I probably shouldn't. Might look suspicious. I assume that when they saw the government property tags, they probably figured it was safe. The computer still works and the bubble wrap is only a little damaged, so I'm good for this week, at least. I just have to remember which car is mine. Interestingly, it has New Jersey plates.

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